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a variety of white wine grape grown in Italy

a dry white Italian wine made from Verdicchio grapes

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For a fuller account of the dissimulations that characterize this work see Verdicchio 2002, eh.
The Practice of Philosophy and the Practice of Poetry," in Massimo Verdicchio and Robert Burch (eds.
J Verdicchio and Dean Coomber, the remaining two directors will be providing consultancy services for three months after the completion.
Part 1, "For a Theoretical Approach" includes: Pasquale Verdicchio, "Sophisticating Action: Gramsci and Theatre, or Can the Subaltern Act?
New, Soav Classico 2011 Monte Tondo, Verdicchio 2011 Marchetti, Nero D'Avola 2010 Sikelia, Barbaresco 2007 Elia Grasso, Tre Donne 2009/10 D'Arc and Podere Ciona 2007 Chianti.
The people of the Marches are proud of their wines and export a great deal of their bone-dry white Verdicchio.
Translated by Pasquale Verdicchio, Ippolita Rostagno, and Paul Vangelisti.
The wines of le Marche are DOC/DOCG designated; many of the wines are made using indigenous varietals including Verdicchio, Vernaccia, Montepulciano, Maceratino, Lacrima and, of course, Sangiovese, among others.
The better known wine is Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi from the land bordering the Adriatic Sea.
All six of these regions produce great quantities of fine wine (Table 6-2) The people of the Marches are proud of their wines and export a great deal of their bone-dry white Verdicchio.
Paquale Verdicchio, Bound by Distance: Rethinking Nationalism through the Italian Diaspora (Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1987), 50-51.
Other notable dry Italian white wines include: verdicchio (from the Marches); Orvieto (Umbria), vernaccia (Tuscany), vermentino (Sardinia), Soave (Veneto) and fuller-bodied greco di tufo (Campania).
Verdicchio, New York & London: Continuum Press, 2002).
Verdicchio links Croce's studies of popular legends to developments in his theory of history from its initial identification with art to its later and more enduring identification with philosophy.
Consumers are being invited to submit a photograph of their `Favourite Moncaro Moment' in the competition on bottles of Verdicchio del Castelli di Jesi Classico DOC Anfora.