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Synonyms for Vepsian

a member of a Finnish people of Russia

a Finnic language spoken by the Veps


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The occurrence of purde ~ burde in the Southern Ludic area at the northern boundaries of the Veps territory and its absence in the rest of the Karelian territory supports its Vepsian roots ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 2002 : 162).
The ALFE (2004 : 400-403) suggests that the Vepsian word has a German etymology, which looks doubtful concerning both the semantics of the Germanic etymon and the total absence of such Germanic loanwords in Veps dialects.
It may be either of Vepsian or Karelian origin (for more detail see [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 2003 : 281-282), cf.
I have also had the opportunity to witness and record other Vepsian lamenters.
In the section on laments of her monograph The Pragmatics in Folklore, the Russian folklorist Svetlana Adon'eva who, in the 1990s, did fieldwork in the Vologda oblast's Russian areas with a Vepsian substratum, discusses changes in the role and identity of the participants in the ritual, and their stereotypical reflections in specific lament texts (Adon'eva 2004, 216 ff.).
Finland, small though it may be, had aspirations toward a Greater Finland, a union encompassing the Ingrians, Vepsians, and Karelians subdued within the great Soviet Empire.
Its other columns contain also the translations of these glosses into Olonets Karelian (Livviks) and Vepsian (Luudiks), as well as into five Lapp dialects ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]), with several words on p.
Sjogren visited Olonets Karelian, Ludian, and Vepsian villages in summer 1823 and again in 1824-1825, 1826-1827 and 1827, and was the first linguist to identify these Baltic Finnic idioms and to delineate the boundaries between them.
Among the exceptional cases we find only the Vepsian stem -eg which is always realized as -Vga in Russian and a few stems represented by one loanword each in the collected data.
The element -[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]- has probably appeared in Russian as an alternation of the suffix -[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]- under the influence of speech of Vepsian and Karelian speakers (cf.
However, the following words have gone unnoticed: Karelian haikko (KKS) 'loiterer, incapable person' and Vepsian haikoi (CBSI) 'gaper, clumsy, idiot'.
72) has been connected with the synonymous South Estonian katsatama and North Estonian kadisema (the author has not noticed that Vepsian also has kacatada id.