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a pardonable sin regarded as entailing only a partial loss of grace

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Deliberate venial sins are a greater hindrance to our spiritual progress and must be combated more vigorously.
We equate both grievous and venial sins with ugliness.
Denouncing Luther's characteristic teaching that Christians are "simultaneously justified and sinners," Marpeck held that the regenerate are free from sin--Rempel insists that Marpeck means that regenerate Christians are free from major sins, suggesting something like the traditional Catholic distinction between mortal and venial sins. It is interesting to observe that, unlike Marpeck, Leupold Scharnschlager (Kunstbuch document 32) is capable of producing a statement of justification theology that seems entirely Lutheran in substance, despite his routine dismissal of "Papists, Lutherans, Zwinglians, false Anabaptists"; the only thing missing there is an explicit avowal of predestination.
For example, one lost a "special increase of sanctifying grace" or "the precious opportunity of having all your venial sins wiped away" or even "deliverance of a relative or friend from purgatory." But topping the list: "You miss a personal visit with Jesus, the Author of all spiritual energy, and of all holiness." (84)
Ignatius of Loyola: "Human nature is such that we give little importance to venial sins, then we give little importance to mortal sins, and this leads to all the perversions."
Ah but, farewells to the Pope notwithstanding, mere venial sins like gambling are fine this weekend as countless millions across the globe risk a few doubloons on a bunch of nags belting over the brambles at Aintree.
Questions 4-5 turn to original sin; question 6 contains his most extensive and sophisticated treatment of free will; question 7 discusses venial sins (a more philosophically interesting topic than one might suppose); questions 8-15 discuss the seven deadly sins (or "capital sins," as he calls them); finally, question 16 rounds out the volume with a fascinating discussion of the psychology of devils, and their relationship to us.
Sanchez never mentions this, the real reason why Lott's venial sins were immediately seized upon and broadcast.
When the sum of these venial sins leads to terrible harm, we are foremost meant to blame the system, not the man.
But this kind of criticism by calling up venial sins of omission merely reinforces Thirsk's call, which echoes Pat Hudson's regional deconstruction of the Industrial Revolution, for due attention to be given to regional and local specialism and diversity.
Sister Rufina Elena Irureta Sister Rosarito Ane Gabarain Sister Asun Loli Astoreka Sister Remedios Aitzpea Goenaga Vice-prioress Itziar Lazkano Prioress Ione Irazabal Joselito Ramon Ibarra Venial Sins" injects life into that threadbare subgenre, the nun comedy, tapping into the cultural nostalgia of auds who used to giggle naughtily during Mass.
But, these are venial sins. The ability to collect to organize and set out this information in an interesting and useful way is in itself an accomplishment and the work of many years of patient, persistent collecting.
Our faith also teaches that our venial sins are forgiven each time we sincerely pray the Our Father ("Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us ...") and at each Mass during the Liturgy of the Eucharist when we say, "Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word, and I shall be healed."
He also favors coinages like "romancesque." "poetological," and "pluriregionality." But these are venial sins; any self-respecting theoretician is obliged to advance an idiosyncratic lexicon.
150, on willful consent separating mortal from venial sins: ".