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'Last week, we were a victim of a new attack of the Trump's administration against the economy, the sovereignty, independence of Venezuela with the new executive order which imposes a total financial and economic blockade of Venezuela.
Venezuela has been suffering from an acute political crisis since January when US-backed Juan Guaido proclaimed himself interim president in a bid to oust Nicolas Maduro after the latter's re-election.
Democrats are mostly against military intervention in Venezuela. Sen.
Escudero said, "As more families make the painful decision to leave their homes in Venezuela every day, it is time for the international community to step up its support and help meet their basic needs," adding, "We cannot let that generosity wear thin."
Richani's mother's great-great-grandfather was Latin American, but came to Lebanon three generations go, and later generations made the trip back to Venezuela. "I think they chose [Venezuela] because there was a large population of Lebanese there already," he says.
Q: The US is addicted to regime change, practicing that yet again, this time in Venezuela. What would the US achieve by that in Venezuela?
The grave humanitarian crisis in Venezuela persists and appears to have grown increasingly dire by the day, and matters were not helped at all in late February when the Maduro regime used military force to block caravans of urgently needed humanitarian aid from entering into Venezuela.
Venezuela is the fourth-largest oil supplier to India after Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran.
While speaking about Washington's need to "protect democracy" in Venezuela, Bolton admitted that a coup there is an opportunity to exploit the country's vast oil and natural resources.
As of this writing, more than 20 countries have recognized Guaido as Venezuela's rightful leader, among them the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, and all of the country's Latin American neighbors except Mexico.
The South American country previously accepted a $5 billion loan from China, which became Venezuela's principal financier over the last decade.
PANAMA CITY -- Panama on Tuesday prohibited Venezuelan companies from operating flights to Panama, in retaliation for Venezuela's diplomatic and trade bans announced last week.
Moscow, Safar 27, 1439, November 16, 2017, SPA -- Russia and Venezuela signed a deal on Wednesday for Moscow to restructure 3.15 billion dollars of Venezuelan debt, as the crisis-hit South American country teeters towards default, according to dpa.
Following the issuance of the "Lima Declaration" on August 11 stating that "Venezuela is no longer a democracy," signed by nearly a dozen South American countries as well as Canada, President Trump had the opportunity to back off on previous threats of possibly using military force to oust Venezuela's Marxist dictator Nicolas Maduro.