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Most notably, a modified A-line dress in venetian red won a standing ovation.
By reducing her palette to essential earth colors--transparent yellow ocher over burnt sienna, Venetian red mixed with black for the tonalities, and a surprised (and surprising) cerulean blue and dark green combination--and by using them sparingly, she generates a field of painted luminous white.
Venetian Red is one of several entries by Cynthia Chandler, an oil painting of an elegant lady in red holding a mask to her face, a glass of red wine to her side.
A small dye factory produced the colour Venetian red.
2 tbsp limeproof pigment (warning: some copper-based colours, Venetian Red and ultramarines react badly to lime - ask your stockist); water
Otherwise entrance can be more informal, through a luminous aisle on the south side, like a lean-to, roofed with translucent polycarbonate and furnished with a line of Venetian red cupboards.
Colored with Scheele's green, iron oxide, yellow ochre, chrome yellow, burnt umber, Venetian red, turmeric, Prussian blue, indigo; adulterated with roasted peas, beans, wheat, rye, oats, chicory, brown bread, charcoal, red slate, bark, date stones.