Venetian glass

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fine glassware made near Venice

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The glamorous headboard is in Venetian glass with matching side tables and a chest of drawers.
THIS antique venetian glass and gold mirrored bedside table is perfect for luxurious living and an unusual piece of focal furniture.
The artefacts included engraved leather items, a sword sheath, what appears to be Venetian glass as well as pewter spoon and clay tobacco pipe fragments.
Publicity material for the show features a work by Trevor Ferguson entitled Clementines with Venetian Glass, which won the public vote for the most popular picture in last year's exhibition.
Venetian glass is everywhere to be seen in many forms in the city and it reminds me of how magical and other-worldly the place is.
Mark's Square with its Basilica and the Doge's Palace, views of the church of Santa Maria della Salute seen from the Accademia Bridge, the outlying islands of Murano, the center of Venetian glass, and Burano with its multicolored houses and its lace.
But that image has crumbled as the emails showed her spending tens of thousands of pounds on jewels, fancy furniture, and a Venetian glass vase from Harrods.
They showed that Asma shopped online in London and Paris, spending tens of thousands of pounds on jewels, furniture and a Venetian glass vase from Harrods.
Using items such as ancient beads and charms and old Venetian glass, her mixed-media collections have drawn followers from around the world.
While the Lebanese restaurant Layia offers enamel engraved coffee tables and seating, the reception features hand blown Venetian glass fixtures.
The many diverse lots included a Gwen Stefani designer dress, an 1890s gilded Venetian glass bon-bon holder and a signed photo of Julian Lennon.
Along Murano's, Rio dei Vetrai (the glass-blowers' canal), are lined many of the island's 100 or so workshops where teams orchestrated by maestros produce a bewildering variety of artwork glassware and glass-jewelry which are then displayed in numerous outlets in Murano and Venice to the joy of visitors, Venetian glass is considered a high profile gift.
Venerable glass maker Barovier & Toso creates modern works of art using centuries-old techniques developed even before Venetian glass blowers relocated to the mystical island of Murano.
The product range at Table Art includes a variety of renowned luxury brands of hand painted porcelain and fine bone china, hand cut, engraved and gilded crystal, silverware, and Murano Venetian glass as well as an extensive range of traditional and contemporary gift items.
There is a central accessories and lounge area, displaying shoes and bags on the-full height, see-through display furniture and the collections are showcase into more intimate, dedicated rooms that are placed in between the three access areas, every one of them decorated with custom-made Venetian glass chandeliers.