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a resident of Venice

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It was no common affair, for the Venetians did not know how soon they might need the saint's services again, now that the cholera was spreading every where.
The Gallerie dellAccademia first opened to the public in 1817 on the basis of masterpieces in the care of the Venetian art academy, Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia.
Anne Cain, by email Elsa, you can buy orange venetian blinds from Hillary's metal venetians collection.
When cheese went accidentally moldy, gorgonzola and stilton were born; when Fleming inadvertently left a Petri dish of bacteria by a window, he discovered the effect of penicillin; and while trying to simply "produce a template for [Venetian] theatrical seasons [where] to place any undated work in its appropriate position on a chronological continuum" (15), Selfridge-Field assembled the materials for this book, a necessary tool for any scholar of Venetian theatrical matters, but also of Venetian cultural and religious events of any kind for which dating is of importance.
The year 828, when two Venetian merchants stole Saint Mark's hallowed body from Muslim-controlled Alexandria and brought it to their native city, and 1797, when the Venetian Republic fell to the French conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte, form the chronological parameters of the exhibition.
If a glassmaker tried to move his business to another city, the Venetian secret police were to track him down and cut his hands off.
That first poet-mayor's stroke of genius ensured Europe's continuing competitive interests in Venetian real estate (both figuratively and literally).
The world-class Venetian Resort Hotel will serve host to our physician executives and their guests.
This inventory of artists' materials could hold the answer to a question that had long vexed conservation scientists: How did Venetian Renaissance painters create the strong, clear, and bright colors that make objects and figures in their paintings appear to glow?
The Venetian offers guests 4,049 hotel suites and was recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest standard accommodations in the world.
Individual chapters offer learned accounts of the culture and institutions that shaped the church's responses to aberrant spirituality: the Venetian Inquisition and its personnel and procedures (Chapter 2); the Catholic church's evolving theological and canonical conceptions of sanctity and its counterfeit, and the authorities' view that uneducated, non-elite "little women" were particularly susceptible to diabolical suggestion of their spiritual distinctiveness (Ch.
From April to August 1571, the city's defenders, led by Venetian senator Marcantonio Bragadino, held off a Turkish army that had swollen to 100,000 troops.
The Venetian hotel and resort in Macao have undertaken an extension to include a new property, The Parisian.
Dursteler offers a thick description--based on diplomatic reports and letters, travelers's accounts, and official and notarial documents from the archives of Venice, Rome, and Dubrovnik--of the intersection of Venetian and Turkish cultural zones in sixteenth- to seventeenth-century Constantinople.