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a region of northeastern Italy on the Adriatic

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Venetia joins the team with over 10 years experience working with trustee boards, companies and pensions professionals.
This inspired Venetia, of Turriff, Aberdeenshire, to study for a degree in nutrition so that she can work to raise awareness to save other families from having to go through the same heartache.
At last year's British Chess Championships, Shayanna was crowned the British Girls' under-13 champion and Venetia won the under-10s title, winning all seven matches in her group.
Dunne well Robbie Dunne, who rides Drumshambo, has won on three of his six rides for his former boss Venetia Williams this season, for a profit of PS27.
Venetia was also handed the Roy Clues prize for the best overall performance by any Welsh competitor, as well as PS250 in prize money.
After years of marriage and motherhood, Venetia fears her looks are fading and turns to her husband's alchemical experiments for a cure.
Between 1912-1916 Asquith sent Venetia hundreds of impassioned letters, sometimes as many as four a day.
I've never had a feeling like that when the photo was called, it's such a prestigious race and to win it for Venetia and the team is great.
While others can't stop moaning about Britain's soggy racetracks, Venetia Williams just keeps running her horses - and winning.
While others can not stop moaning about Britain's soggy racetracks, Venetia Williams just keeps running her horses - and winning.
Life outside the Matrix is Venetia Carpenter's story.
De Beers began construction of a new underground diamond mine beneath its open-pit Venetia mine in Limpopo province, South Africa, on October 22.
Dr Venetia Porter managed to visit two art museums and an art soci-ety in half a day, having arrived only the previous night.
ALES meets Italy at Venetia, a smart restaurant with rooms in Abersoch run by Italian-born Marco Filippi, and his partner, Jayne Edge.
Venetia Austin nee Jeal has contacted Remember When regarding a letter which we published, which she thinks refers to her father.