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He had previously been arrested after founding his Student magazine for violating laws dating from 1889 and 1917 that banned publishing advice about remedies for veneral disease. But he was able to avert imprisonment with help from a good lawyer and was fined just [pounds sterling]7.
Zimbardo argues that discussion of veneral disease 'goes underground' as part of a radical break between the 'premodern' Restoration and 'modern' eighteenth century, silence or evasion seems more characteristic of drama and the novel, with their particular burdens of bourgeois morality, than of other genres.
Baker et al[13] alluded to this need for "correct referral of patients" rather than "correct identification of fundus abnormalities." Just as the Papanicolaou test does not accurately differentiate between CIN II and CIN III, the stool guaiac test between colon cancer and other causes of intestinal bleeding, and the Veneral Disease Research Laboratory between syphilis and biological false positives, a screening test for diabetic retinopathy need not differentiate accurately between various grades of retinopathy.
For example, male homosexuals who have other forms of veneral disease are thought to be at greater risk of contracting AIDS.
Currently in many states, it's against the law for an individual with an infectious veneral disease to knowingly transmit the disease to another person.