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the provincial capital of Veneto

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Advancing along the road to becoming a production as well as a hosting facility, ROHM presents its own production of Delibes' Lakme and a new co-production of Strauss' Eine Nacht in Venedig.
(12.) Avishai Milstein in an interview with Josef Mackert, "Ohne die Fremden hatten wir eigentlich gar keine Werte," program to Der Kaufmann von Venedig (Theater Freiburg, 2010/11): n.p., my translation.
Und ich in aus Neapel; aus Neapel, das, ohne Mailand nahe treten zu wollen, ich meine an Einwohnerzahl, grosser ist; da auch--ohne Venedig Schmalern zu wollen- nach Lage und Umgebung ein Paradies ist!
Adler was perhaps best known for his triumphant turns in two Shakespeare productions: Der Yiddisher King Lear (The Jewish King Lear), which transposed the dramatic action to 19th-century Russia, and Shaylok, oder der Koyfman Fun Venedig (Shylock, or The Merchant of Venice), which featured a sympathetic, naturalistic portrait of the Jewish moneylender.
The translated authorAEs works under consideration include, Johann Wolfgang von GoetheAEs Die Leiden des jungen Werther and Novelle, Thomas MannAEs Der Tod in Venedig, and Franz KafkaAEs Die Verwandlung.
OPERA North's Festival of Britten has given us works from throughout Benjamin Britten's career, but the choice to bring back this production, inspired by Thomas Mann's novella Der Tod in Venedig, cannot have been a commercial one.
In 1981, the museum director Oskar Pausch discovered twenty-eight boxes, which he said were "misleadingly labeled" Venedig in Wien (Venice in Vienna).
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For this volume, he has mined much primary source material: Cosima Wagner's diaries, contemporary accounts of Wagner by Henriette Perl's Wagner in Venedig (1883), Giuseppe Norlenghi's Ricordo Wagneriano (1886), Angelo Neumann's Erinnerungen an Richard Wagner (1886), and three of the most important contemporary newspapers: La Gazzetta di Venezia, La Venezia, and Il Gazzettino.