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a slot machine for selling goods

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Many vending machines that dispense soft drinks and energy drinks have not implemented the new tax because their pricing systems have to be updated.
Nearly 5 million "jido hambaiki" - vending machines - populate the world's third-largest economy, one machine for every 25 people.
Tenders are invited for Food Based Vending Machine Services
This one invariably makes it to almost every global list of unique vending machines for its novelty factor, even six years after it was first installed at the lobby of the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.
If that information is not advertised, operators owning 20 or more vending machines must specifically provide "a sign in close proximity to each article of food or the selection button that includes a clear and conspicuous statement disclosing the number of calories contained in the article," according to the law.
American Heritage International Inc (OTCQB: AHII), a provider of disposable premium electronic cigarettes, announced on Tuesday that it has signed an agreement with Avalon Group LLC, a vending machine distributor, for First Class Vending Machines.
Vending machines without information about the owner may be seized.
Currently, there are over 1 800 cigarette vending machines in NI and according to a 2010 survey, 14% of Northern Irish smokers aged between 11 and 16, vending machines are their main source of tobacco.
The ban on tobacco vending machines, introduced in Wales today, is designed to prevent children and teenagers from buying cigarettes.
The legislation does not ban vending machines themselves.
There are just too many vending machines now, so we hope people join us to rethink if they're truly necessary,'' said Keiko Shiraishi, who serves as the secretariat for the NGO campaign.
Corona, CA), a vending machines industry solutions provider, has begun the publication of "AVT Magazine," a new quarterly title for vending distributors and operators.
Ted Kulongoski wants to ban vending machines that sell cigarettes, saying such a move will block their access by underage, would-be smokers.
Strict new nutritional rules prohibiting fatty and sugary snacks and drinks from being sold in vending machines in hospital came into force at the start of the month.
Under the terms of the joint-venture, Kingston Technology's range of Flash memory products - including SD cards, CompactFlash cards and DataTraveler USB drives - will be sold via MyMemory vending machines in high-traffic public spaces in the UK, including all major airports, mainline stations and underground stations, with additional venues to follow later in 2007.