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first month of the Revolutionary calendar (September and October)

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The Floreal-class light surveillance Vendemiaire of France's Marine Nationale docked in Manila last Monday for a goodwill visit to the country until Friday.
Vendemiaire in particular has two bases, one in New Caledonia off Australia and Tahiti and the French Polynesia.
The decision was taken to move to an annual publication, and the support of Vendemiaire was secured to publish it.
Delpech to Kerverseau, Vendemiaire an 11 (23 September-22 October 1802), CARAN 135 AP 2, dossier 18.
57) The bloody crypto-royalist uprising of 13-14 vendemiaire IV (4-5 October 1795) against the Convention proved the seriousness of the threat posed by an anti-republican reaction.
Adresse: Espace Richter, Rue Vendemiaire, Batiment B, CS19519, 34960 Montpellier, cedex 2, France.
c'est bien l'instrument du boudoir, de la femme nerveuse et delicate, sur lequel on peut accompagner un chant discret, une melodie murmuree dans l'oreille entre deux propos d'amour" (Camille Saint-Saens, "Le 'Rappel' a l'Exposition: Les instruments de musique," Le Rappel, October 5, 1889/14 vendemiaire an 98, 1-2, 2).
An occupational breakdown of the detainees from the list of 29 vendemiaire year III (20 October 1794) reveals that the clergy made up nearly half of all prisoners.
10 Thermidor, Vendemiaire and Brumaire were months in which calendar?
By the law of 16 Vendemiaire, Year 2 of the Republic (October 7th, 1793) it was laid down that the weight of the new currency should be defined in terms of the kilogram (initially one hundredth).
Resultat d'une nouvelle Analyse des calculs, de la vessie humaine, et de quelques tentatives heureuses pour les dissoudre, lu a la Seance publique de l'Institut de France du 15 Vendemiaire an 7.
12) ADG Dupuch 2E2/27, 6 Vendemiaire An 10 (28 September 1801).
Apparue a l'endroit meme ou la Bastille avait disparu, la barricade de la rue Saint-Antoine s'inscrit dans la meme serie temporelle de l'hiatus etablie a Waterloo: "Cet amas gigantesque, alluvion de l'meute, figurait a l'esprit un Ossa sur Pelion de toutes les revolutions; 93 sur 89, le 9 thermidor sur le 10 aout, le 18 brumaire sur le 21 janvier, vendemiaire sur prairial, 1848 sur 1830.
French Navy ship Vendemiaire, a Floreal-class light surveillance frigate, will be in Manila from March 12 to 16.