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prolific Spanish playwright (1562-1635)

the brightest star in the constellation Lyra

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The Aladdin's troubles were legion, but to begin with, "it was built horribly," said Anthony Curtis, president of the Las Vegas Advisor newsletter.
Two recent grads of Marymount Manhattan College who moved to Vegas last summer have had very different experiences.
Las Vegas is one of the hottest market for retail in the United States," said Robert K.
Las Vegas was the institutionalized wide-open town - an environment where retired Rotarians from deepest Indiana could carry on with pagan abandon, pulses pounding to the assembly-line clatter of a thousand slot machines.
First came the Soviet Union's Vega 1 spacecraft on March 6, followed three days later by Vega 2, as Japan's Suisei and Sakigake looked on from a distance.
The Vegas Media Group has a large media vault and their initial interest was to find a solution to better manage and track their library assets.
If you're the bargain hunter that comes to Vegas to get the deals, you're going to tour the place and go, 'Wow - say, I wish I could stay here.
The Pioneer Venus probes, however, were basically just going down through the atmosphere, while the VEGA balloons each provided about 46 hours of data (before their batteries ran out) from their relatively fixed altitude.
First Data Independent Sales[R] Fresno by Cardservice International is bringing the convenience of prepaid or stored value cards to the Vegas Grand Prix Fueled by Visa and the First Data Grand Prix Arizona, a first for ticketing and vending at this type of event.
The line used to offer a laughable, one-block run from the MGM Grand to Bally's along the east side of the Strip, but now will continue on to Harrah's, jog right to Paradise Road and the Las Vegas Convention Center, continue north past the Las Vegas Hilton, and rejoin the Strip at the Sahara.
com launched the first live Vegas concierge at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, Calif.
Those of us who've merely cranked the levers on one-armed bandits and taken in the pirate show at Treasure Island may not recognize the Las Vegas that ``Las Vegas'' posits as its reality, but that's our problem.
Two of Nevada's best-known companies Co Wynn Las Vegas and MGM MIRAGE Co recently signed long-term leases at Sunset Parkway for warehouse and distribution space to support the development of high-profile projects on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, said Rod Martin, Majestic Realty vice president.
It is reflective of a trend in Las Vegas hotel development.
Hand-selected from among the premiere 'It' girls of Las Vegas, most of the Monorail ambassadors work as professional showgirls.