Isle of Wight

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an isle and county of southern England in the English Channel

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Kathy Taylor, Star Wars expert at Vectis said: "Star Wars memorabilia is currently the most sought after franchise that we have ever seen here at Vectis Auctions.
Vectis Law Group is a Silicon Valley based commercial law firm that advises and represents financially impaired business concerns, their management and investors, and the full range of entities transacting business with them.
A spokesman for Vectis said: "It is believed this is the most expensive production Star Wars action figure sold at auction.
Vectis Healthcare & Life Sciences Fund is a national life sciences venture capital and private equity fund that employs a hybrid strategy of fund and direct investments.
Various collectors' hoards of "Star Wars" memorabilia, from robots, to spaceships, "Death Star" pencil sharpeners and on to packaged figurines, are piled up in Vectis, which will hold another in a series of online auctions of about 700 pieces on Dec.
Vectis encouraged Mr Carpenter to throw nothing away, as even factory notes, boxes and invoices have a value to collectors.
All the items will go on sale later this month at Vectis Auctions in Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees.
The round featured also Deerfield Management Company and Pharmstandard International SA, which is a holding company fully committed by OJSC Pharmstandard (LON:PHST), as well as existing investors TVM Capital, Prism VentureWorks, Skyline Ventures, Intersouth Partners, MPM Capital, Devon Park Bioventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, and the Vectis Healthcare and Life Sciences Fund, Proteon said.
London, Oct 26 ( ANI ): Star Wars' Jawa collectible was bought for 10,200 pounds at Vectis Auction House in Thornaby, Teeside.
I suggest contacting a specialist toy auctioneer such as Vectis (www.
Proprietors Sarah Langford and Jean-Pierre Kujawa were present to receive the CfDS Award of Appreciation, and Brian Curd of the local Vectis Astronomical Society kindly supported the event with both his presence and with transport.
They were the first and fourth counters for West Yorkshire, who took the bronze medals in the team competition behind Kent and Hampshire and Vectis.
Auction house Vectis says investors who have been rocked by the current financial turmoil are attracted by the long-term gains which can be made from collectables such as Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox.