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old master of the Venetian school (1490-1576)

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Such an approach--still common with multicultural content in classrooms (think Martin Luther King Day, Cesar Chavez Day, Black History Month, and Dia de los Muertos) -- can be superficial, focusing on and promoting LGBTQ+ people and their contributions from the mainstream perspective (Vecellio, 2012).
(Pater, 1986: 167) As for Vecellio the English aesthete, just like his Italian admirer, he appreciates above all "that weaving of light, as of just perceptible gold threads, through the dress, the flesh, the atmosphere" (Pater, 1986: 154).
After periods of population expansion and subsequent declines due to overharvest during the late 1800s, it is largely believed that moose populations increased to new highs during the early to mid-1900s within portions of Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming (Brimeyer and Thomas 2004, Toweill and Vecellio 2004, Wolfe et al.
2), entao perdida e so encontrada no seculo XX, ou pela transposicao de sua agonia, como ocorreu na imagem de Cristo no Poliptico da Ressurreicao de Tiziano Vecellio (1490-1576), pintado entre 1520 e 22.
Titian Vecellio, painter' his sentiments regarding printmakers who publish other people's intellectual property: (46)
Contrariamente ai ritratti del Vecellio, che Berenson reputa prevalentemente cerimoniali, quelli lotteschi sono "psychological snapshots", visto che il nostro "could portray individuals, not mere types: individuals with personal preoccupations and feelings, and with moods of their own" (xiii).
What is the more familiar name of the 16th century Italian artist Tiziano Vecellio? 5.
(1) Em ordem de aparicao no romance, eis o conjunto das telas: Candaules, rei da Lidia, mostra sua mulher ao Primeiro Ministro Giges (1648), de Jacob Jordaens, oleo sobre tela, Museu Nacional de Estocolmo; Diana depois de seu banho, (1742), oleo sobre tela, Museu do Louvre; Venus com o Amor e a Musica (s.d.), de Tiziano Vecellio, oleo sobre tela, Museu do Prado, Madri; Cabeza I (1948), de Francis Bacon, oleo e tempera, colecao Richard S.
In the second part, Paulicelli discusses the costume books of Cesare Vecellio and Giacomo Franco, devoting a chapter to each of these entrepreneurialVenetian authors and image-makers.