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a heavy brittle metallic element of the platinum group

a board of the British government that administers and collects major direct taxes

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Vaya Jumbo comes in a range of stylish designs and colours including in Green, Purple, White, Graphite, Blue and Black, and can be purchased for PS60 at Vaya Drynk (350ml/600ml) is a versatile stainless steel thermos flask, perfect for storing cold drinks for up to 18 hours (and hot ones hot for 12 hours).
He is optimistic that in future, VAYA TAJ would open branches at other locations across the country.
We used the latest generation of Philips Color Kinetics Vaya luminaries to create a stunning and memorable entry point.
Vaya said Rekha expressed reservations about being a supporting act to stand-up comedy by India funny-man Raju Srivastav.Rekha also upped appearance fees by 40 per cent, which Orbit was not prepared to meet.
THIS WAS just like any other weekend for the Vaya family from Rajkot in Nairobi, and they had gone to the high- end Westgate mall to attend an event for children.
Vaya and Linda Dauphin are a mother and daughter duo from Melbourne, Australia, who enjoy writing books.
Among her best recordings currently available are such classics as The Best Celia Cruz, with La Sonora Matancera (Rhino), Celia and Johnny, with Pacheco (Vaya), and Only They Could Have Made This Album, with Colon (Vaya)
Michel Bon, presidente de France Telecom, dice que una renegociacion de la deuda de Telecom Argentina "muy probablemente" causaria que la telefonica francesa se vaya de Argentina.