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United States landscape architect (born in England) who designed Central Park (1824-1895)


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He said: "There is a need for government support for Sunderland local authority, to step in to the Carillion Sunderland city partnership on the Vaux Brewery site.
Its chief executive, John Seager, said: "The Vaux site is such a focal point for Sunderland and its position as one of the main entrance points of the city centre is hugely important for those visiting.
The cast of Normanby Road Methodist Church Operatic Society's last show The Country Girl, including Mary Marsh, Mary Watson, Mary Evans, Jean Vaux, Nancy Vaux, Winnie Hewitt, Nellie Watson, Vi, Wynne and Edna Lawson, Brenda Rand, Hollie Duffield, Joyce Brown, Margaret Pepper, Bessie Prest, Eddie Harland, Neesom Prest, John Hall, Ken Welham, Les Harper, Bob Bishop and George Dickinson
In a telephone interview, Li acknowledged pushing Vaux but said the prime minister's office discriminated against Chinese journalists by not allowing him to ask a question and later having him manhandled by police.
Services of a Tour Manager Paris & The Chateau of Versailles & Vaux le Vicomte
In High Plains Drifter, Anson Vaux states that Eastwood addresses several questions bothering American society, such as how one brings sense out of lynching and other herd-like human behaviours.
In "The Wayward Spy" Vaux is manipulated by a group of bumbling incompetents at MI6 into going to Geneva to extract information from an old university friend from Syria, named Ahmed Kadri, who has become one of Hafez Assad's top military staff.
By way of developing this thesis, Vaux organizes her discussion of Eastwood's movies in four sections: westerns, mysteries, war movies, and healing narratives.
Mr Vaux said: "He [White] very much regrets that he is before the court at all.
Release date- 16082012 - The Adelphi University Exhibitions Program is proud to feature Movement in Gray, a drawing exhibition with dynamic works by Richard Vaux, John Oswald, and Patricia Mamatos.
Vaux (film, Religious Studies Department, Northwestern University) analyzes the themes and artistic vision in 15 films directed by Clint Eastwood.
The retailer acquired the former Vaux Brewery plant in 2001 for [pounds sterling]13m.
PETER VAUX, one of British racing's longest-serving stewards, will call time on his career on Tuesday, after officiating for 44 years.
Driven to despair by Birmingham City Council's failure to properly repair the problems, Mrs Weir and her solicitor Michael Vaux contacted the Birmingham Mail.
Anyone can, because Villa Farnese at Caprarola, about 35 miles northwest of Rome, and Vaux le Vicomte, 35 miles southeast of Paris, are open to the public.