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5 cm in greatest dimension, with minimal surrounding vasogenic edema and mild local mass effect.
Emergent MRI was performed and, T2-weighted and FLAIR images revealed bilateral hyperintense lesions in the occipital lobes with cortical-subcortical and partially deep white matter involvement; DWI showed vasogenic edema (Figure 1a, 1b, 1c).
On MRI, FLAIR images showed diffuse signal increase in the cortex and subcortical white matter of the bilateral frontal, parietal and temporal lobes, and also in bilateral cerebellar hemispheres, which was demonstrated as vasogenic edema on DWI.
One is vasogenic edema, which occurs as a result of breakdown of the endothelial blood-brain barrier leading to interstitial brain edema; the other is cytotoxic edema caused by swelling of astrocytes as a result of altered intracellular osmotic balance or dysfunctional cellular membrane (8).
27,28) Features that favor a demyelinating lesion include a relative lack of mass effect and vasogenic edema.
More recently, it has been hypothesized that when vasogenic edema becomes severe enough, it can result in reduced tissue perfusion and cytotoxic edema because of irreversible ischemic changes that lead to white matter lesions.
Areview of his original computed tomography (CT) scan (figure) revealed the presence of a large, destructive lesion that involved the sinonasal area and extended into the anterior cranial fossa, a significant degree of associated vasogenic edema in the adjacent frontal lobes of the brain, and signs of hemorrhage.
7) Bilateral vasogenic edema without infarction involving the white matter of the occipital and posterior parietal lobes is a common presentation.
Although total resection and cure seems plausible, patients with meningiomas may still have an unsuccessful outcome because of postoperative exacerbation of a preexisting peritumoral vasogenic edema (PTVE) [4] (1-5) or the development of a completely new edema or postoperative hematoma.
The syndrome is characterized by white matter lesions in the posterior regions of the brain and is thought to be caused by a breakdown of the blood-brain barrier, which causes vasogenic edema and petechial hemorrhages.
No cases of vasogenic edema or parenchymal hemorrhage were reported in TTP488-treated subjects.
2 cm isodense nonhemorrhagic mass centered in the left occipital lobe with scattered coarse calcific deposits, surrounding vasogenic edema, and local mass effect but no midline shift or hydrocephalus.
Each is associated with vasogenic edema, but there is no midline shift or subfalcine or transtentorial herniation.
Bar-Or subsequently managed In Vitro studies that suggested this effect may reduce the vasogenic edema produced from multiple diseases, including diabetic macular edema which can impair vision and cause blindness (Diabetic Macula Edema, DME).
The relative preservation of BBB integrity would be expected to minimize vasogenic edema formation in response to ischemia.