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a unit strand of the vascular system in stems and leaves of higher plants consisting essentially of xylem and phloem

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Plants growing at polluted sites usually experience a reduced vascular bundle area.
2013) found that wastewater posed severe hazardous impacts on vascular bundle areas of roots and stems of Amaranthus hybridus in the form of decreased vascular bundle area.
Mean values of the distance between vascular bundles distances, parenchymal thickness and xylem/phloem relation of glyphosate resistant and susceptible biotypesof sourgrass.
The result suggests that the concentration of vascular bundles increase with increasing height of a culm.
The parenchyma cells adjacent to vascular bundles have considerably thickened walls with distinctly visible pits (Barkley, 1924).
This scale is then one of few armoured scale species that are capable of piercing lignified plant cells walls like fibers and the xylem vessels in vascular bundles.
Extension of cortex layer and vascular bundles were affected by couple young and 3% elder leaves extracts respectively.
There is no information available on how the vascular bundles grow in grape berries [13] and how this growth is related to the three stages of berry growth.
These characteristics include reduced epicuticular wax deposits, a relatively low thickness of the epidermis and cuticle, lower phloem development, abundant intercellular spaces, rudimentary vascular bundles and deficient stomatal mechanisms (ROMANO; MARTINS-LOUCAO, 2003).
We've imaged cross-sections of bamboo to identify structural components, such as the stiff vascular bundles.
These include: non-vascular fibrous strands located under the adaxial hypodermis and in the spongy parenchyma between the major vascular bundles, variable in shape and in number of fibers; round stegmata surrounding fiber strands; cellulose non-vascular fiber very elongated, acute at the ends, with thick walls; lignified vascular fibers short, septate, spindle-shaped and acute, located at the ends of the major and minor vascular bundles.
The central vascular bundle is well developed, with 1 (-2) smaller vascular bundles on each side (Fig.
Results: The mistletoe lectins I--III in internodes were located mainly in cells of the parenchyma of the cortex, in sclerenchyma tissue next to the vascular bundles and in the companion cells of the phloem.
Patricia Sabers, "the nerve and vascular bundles in our teeth shrink with age.