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an athlete who has earned a letter in a school sport

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The 16-piece line, titled GOLF le FLEUR* x Lacoste, features tracksuits, bucket hats, polo shirts and varsity jackets in pastel shades, a common colour palate worn by the rapper.
The letter 'N' emblazes a black and white varsity jacket paying tribute to youthfulness.
Try out the trend in tracksuit inspired trousers, varsity jackets and sweatshirts teamed with a high heel, silky blouse or tailored jacket.
Tulsa World Classified Manager Shannon Hayden was recognized as the "driving force" behind the achievement and will receive a personalized Ranger Data Technologies varsity jacket, the company said.
Pacific blue 0215 0216 0217 0218 $12 </pre> <p>ASIS VARSITY JACKET
Mel Rono, graphic varsity jacket, Bench, black basic tee, Human
Sequins and shine take a starring role here, but a couple cool cameos, like a fur collar or knit varsity jacket, really make this performance-worthy.
| Audrey Handem, 17, Luxem-|bourg: Boots - Doc Martens, Jeggins - American Eagle, Plaid Top and Varsity Jacket - Forvever 21, Scarf - H&M, Bag - Vanessa Bruno
Green contrast varsity jacket, PS45, Topshop; two-tone T-shirt, PS12.99, New Look; striped denim shorts, PS10, F&F @ Tesco; pink plastic sunglasses, PS12, Accessorize, Converse, PS30, Office ?
Connor's picked up on one of the big menswear trends with his varsity jacket. His shorts and t- shirt complete this summery look
Scruffy and warm Describe your look from head to toe: Hair by DIY, T-shirt from The C.I.T.P, varsity jacket from Soap Box, skirt made by myself, socks from Sock Shop, tights from Primark, boots from a charity shop.
Clothing - Black cropped denim or varsity jacket, slim dark-brown cargo pants, any roughed-up lace-up boots
ON HER : Black top, printed skirt, varsity jacket, and sneakers.