varietal wine

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a wine made principally from one grape and carrying the name of that grape


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These varietal wines are made from the same grape variety but identified by the French name Gris and the Italian name Grigio, according to the style of winemaking and the perceived market preference.
Sales of America's favorite varietal wine flattened for the first time in years, as more consumers switched to red wines such as Cabernet, Merlot and Pinot Noir.
The news was even better for domestic varietal wine in 750ml sizes.
OF In the last 30 years it has been taken all across the wine world, and very respectable Viognier (as a varietal wine) comes from Australia, New Zealand, California, South Africa and South America.
In 1997, advocacy groups such as the Wine Institute and the California Association of Grapegrowers first contacted BATF to voice concerns that the labels of flavored wines can mislead consumers and harm the varietal wine industry.
How long the "Two Buck Chuck" phenomenon lasts remains to be seen; however, most industry analysts agree that it will continue in some form as long as there's an overabundance of decent varietal wine, willing producers and willing retailers.
Although Riesling is almost always a varietal wine, it is definitely underappreciated.
Among other things, this hit has been credited with igniting a pinot noir wine boomlet--ACNielsen information for the three months ending mid-January, in fact, puts pinot noir varietal wine sales up 15 percent, only confirming the anecdotal buzz in restaurants and wine shops: pinot is hot.
For example, winemakers would be allowed to grow pinot noir in Bordeaux or sauvignon blanc in Burgundy, and varietal wine could be produced with 80% of a grape variety (100% is currently required).
One result would be that a varietal wine would be allowed to be produced from 80% of a selected grape variety rather than the 100% that is currently required.
The study also offers insight into how customers trade up to higher-priced wines: nearly half of all respondents say brands are the key factor in trading tip to a varietal wine from a house wine.
The full-bodied red varietal wine's growth did not come from the lower price points, where it actually shrank slightly, but from wines priced at $8 and above.
supermarkets totaled nearly 54 million 9-liter cases in 1999, a gain of 3% from the previous year, and among those purchases, varietal wine sales rose 8% and accounted for 68% of the market.
CANANDAIGUA, NY -- Arbor Mist, the fruit-flavored varietal wine from the Canandaigua Wine Co., has added two flavors to its existing line.