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a short porpoise that lives in the Gulf of California

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In recognition of the extraordinary biological and cultural importance of the upper gulf and Colorado River delta ecosystems, in addition to increased international pressure to protect the endemic vaquita porpoise (1) and totoaba, the Mexican government declared this region a 934,756 hectare (2,336,890 acre) biosphere reserve in June 1993: 164,756 hectares (411,948 acres) of this reserve is in the Zona Nucleo, or core zone (Brusca and Bryner 2004, 40).
Recognizing the limitations of the Upper Gulf of California reserve, in the spring of 2001 numerous institutions joined forces to develop a more effective strategy for the recuperation of the vaquita porpoise.
At greatest risk are those species that exist in, or require, a limited or specific habitat range, including the narwhale, bowhead and beluga whales (above), for which sea-ice forms an important part of their habitat, and the vaquita porpoise, which has the smallest distribution of any cetacean, living only in the northern part of the Gulf of California.
I later set up my own research project in Mexico to track the critically endangered vaquita porpoise (this project was saved at the last minute by a monetary prize from the Whitley Award for Animal Conservation)
Fishing bycatch is a key reason why there are 150 vaquita porpoises left in the northern Gulf of California, the one region of the world where they live.