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Synonyms for contrail

an artificial cloud created by an aircraft

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LEAVING A MARK Vapour trails from wartime bombers BADGE The USAAF
One argument is that they could just be vapour trails that are left behind by planes engines.
At more than 26,000ft, where the outside temperature is -40C, vapour trails are likely.
What substances form the vapour trails visible behind high-flying jet aircraft?
The project's launch ceremony in Touisha, east of Tripoli, included Italian jets streaming vapour trails in Libya's national colour of green, BBC reported.
ONCE, while doing my dissertation at college, I downed so much Pro-Plus and Red Bull that I stayed awake so long that I could actually see vapour trails as people passed me.
A DAY of immaculate beauty, with only vapour trails marring the cerulean blue.
United Kingdom, Meteorology Subcommittee of the Aeronautical Research Committee, "Formation of Vapour Trails behind Aircraft: Copy of Pilots' Replies to Questionnaire Issued by the National Research Council of Canada," and [early 1942], United Kingdom National Archives document DSIR 23/11406, pp.
WHEN I saw the vapour trails produced by aircraft from our international airport at Rhoose, I rather wondered if the captains were Scots, and attempting to affect a tourism advert for Scotland with the cross of St Andrew.
She also filmed albatrosses flying from their nest - a contrast to the film of planes' vapour trails over Birmingham - leaving the sky criss-crossed with an unnerving number of white lines.
The smoke and the vapour trails over Tora Bora may have signalled the end of Afghanistan as a favoured destination for aspirant terrorists, but it did nothing to eradicate the reasons for the volunteers wanting to go there.
Vapour trails from jet engines are having such a profound effect on our environment that when flights were banned for a couple of days over America in the wake of the September 11 atrocities the temperature there rose by a degree.
The stunned families had gathered at the VIP suite at Cape Canaveral as five ominous vapour trails were the only visible sign of the stricken shuttle.
Silver planes stretch their elegant vapour trails across the skies they are destroying; we almost revere the awesome machines, each one of which uses horse-power equivalent to that of the Roman Empire every time it takes off; and (at least in most airports) we become almost deprived of individuality, members of crowds subject to incomprehensible changes of movement and direction.
Players will also be able to track targets via vapour trails that will be of immense help during dog fighting between aircrafts.