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English painter

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The novel's conceit is that we learn of the fictional Beatrice's adventures in the Holy Land, and of her earlier experiences as a participant in bohemian London's Bloomsbury Group, through a series of letters she writes to Vanessa Stephen and through passages from her private diary.
Later influences included Vanessa Stephen, whose Friday Club sponsored Raverat's first exhibition, Virginia Woolf and classicist Jane Harrison, who introduced Raverat to Sappho.
Still, all my carping notwithstanding, taking the life story solely as a life story, I must admit it is a pleasant experience indeed to read yet another book on the Bloomsbury crowd, to find oneself once again in the company of Virginia and Vanessa Stephen, Virginia and Leonard Woolf, Vanessa and Clive Bell, Vita and Eddy Sackville-West, Lytton Strachey and Carrington, the infrequent visitor E.
Speaking on behalf of Seatrade, Vanessa Stephens, managing director, Seatrade Middle East, says, 'The Cruise Forum in Qatar is a genuine opportunity for all the stakeholders to discuss opportunities and challenges relating to the development of cruise tourism.
Vanessa Stephens, managing director, Middle East and Indian Subcontinent, said: "Large international technology-led companies, with advanced drilling and offshore services are demanding more sophisticated fleets to compete for their lucrative contracts.