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a lake in southwestern Sweden

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Along with Swede, Count Baltzar von Platen, the pair envisaged a 190k-long waterway that also linked the great Swedish lakes of Vanern and Vattern.
The contract is part of BanaVag (RailRoad) in Western Sweden, a cooperation project between the Swedish Road Administration and the Swedish Rail Administration to handle the expansion to motorway and dual rail track standards for the E45 road and Norway/Lake Vanern railway between Agnesberg and Alvangen.
Exchange of letters constituting Norway-Sweden an agreement concerning the free passage of salmon in Vanern Lake.
Peipsi differs from other large European lakes, such as lakes Vanern and Vattern in Sweden (Reinart et al.
The six-day journey goes through 65 locks, passes under 56 bridges, and traverses seven lakes--including Lake Vanern, near Goteborg, the third largest lake in Europe.
Pero nadie queria barcas en aquel momento asi que las hundieron en el lago Vanern.
515; y el Ilmen con 918; a los que pueden anadirse los de Suecia, como el Vanern, que mide 5.
To the west, the lake country centers on Lake Vanern and the Gota Canal, which connects the Baltic in the east to Lake Vanern in the west, making it possible to travel by boat from Goteborg to Stockholm.
On the shores of Vanern near Amal is the headland of Ornas from orn eagle, pronounced earn; Earna-ness is also eagle's headland in the Geatland of Beowulf.
3] km, un valor bastante bajo cuando comparado con el de por ejemplo el lago Vanern que es de 33 km.
Favourites from mozzarella to feta and emmental and more novel choices including Havarti, Vanern, and Orange Roll, a soft cheese with orange liqueur, are among the options available.
Food relationship of the fish community in the offshore region of Lake Vanern.
Dalsland Province is a small area to the west of lake Vanern, Sweden's largest lake.