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French royal house from 1328 to 1589

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Address : 2 Avenue Du Gnral Leclerc 60800 Crpy En Valois
Synopsis: The political landscape of early modern continental Europe was dominated by two rival superpowers: the Habsburgs of Spain and the Holy Roman Empire versus the French Kingdom of the Valois and Bourbon monarchs.
As many as 40 people may have been involved, splitting into smaller groups and reforming as they looted people nearby, Valois said.
porque reeditar los recuerdos de Georges Valois de su recorrido activista de 1918 a 1928 en L'homme contre l'Argent?
Collaborations: Ninette de Valois and William Butler Yeats
THE first weekend of Invitation to the Ballet: Ninette de Valois and the story of The Royal Ballet, saw a record 1,300 visitors in a week into Manchester's Lowry art gallery.
Monseigneur Charles Valois, Le courage de changer, Montreal, Novalis, 2009, 228 p.
Valois raconte d'ailleurs qu'en dirigeant des cours de lectures bibliques, il constata que certaines personnes avaient abandonne.
Valois Pharma exhibited a number of novel products at CPhl.
Valois SAS: appointed Florent Lafond as global operations and supply chain vice president for its beauty and home division.
The court of the Valois monarchs of France reached both its zenith and its nadir in the sixteenth century.
JEAN-LOUIS VALOIS last night left Dundee - but could still win a move to the club.
Acclaimed sculptor Roy Valois has just finished his latest creation, and has named it Delia, in memory of his wife who died 15 years ago.
Pavlova, Massine, Nijinska, Nijinsky, Preobrazhenskaya, Lifar, de Valois, Karsavina, Legat, and Vaganova all studied with one man: the amazing Enrico Cecchetti (1850-1928).
Marguerite de Valois (1553-1615) was a diplomat, a patron of the arts and a muse, an author and a poet, and a prominent salonniere.