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plump chunky bird of coastal California and Oregon

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* BONUS ROUND Following lunch and a nap, we were back at it, chasing valley quail along the river bottom during the last couple hours of the day.
Caption: This was the author's old 12-gauge Model 12 Skeet gun posed with the first California valley quail he ever shot in the fall of 1975.
Valley quail and bobwhites are hunted in Idaho, with valley quail by far the more numerous.
Valley quail rose in bunches and singles and pairs, and I swung from one to another, trying to poke my gun around the willows the birds were using as a launch pad.
9: Opening day for duck season in Zone 2 and for chukar, Hungarian partridge, Eastern Oregon valley quail, and mountain quail seasons in Klamath and Wallowa counties.
During my teen years, I used to hunt valley quail on my Uncle Vern's hog farm in Lincoln County, Washington.
Outlook: We're starting to sound like a broken record, but drought continues to depress populations of Gambel's, mountain and valley quail in Nevada.
On a given October weekend, a fifty-mile drive will put me into gray partridge, pheasants, valley quail, snipe, grouse, deer, duck, goose or cottontails.
A few states hold two species: You can hunt bobwhite and scaled quail in Colorado and Oklahoma, or mountain and valley quail in Washington, Utah has Gambel and valley quail.
One "difficulty" of the hunt was keeping my mind on the ducks--and not on the calls of valley quail all around me.
He recovered in time to get three quick shots off, and then I was faced with a dilemma: Should I spend my two shots on the half dozen chukars diving past me or on what seemed to be dozens of valley quail flushing everywhere?
But it wasn't overly long before my dogs and I branched out from grouse and pheasants to birds that were new to us--sage grouse that struck me as super-sized, half-speed, open-country ruffs; chukars; Huns; valley quail that scooted through cover like tassel-headed roadrunners; and higher-country blue grouse.
Same goes for the fellow out in California who hunts valley quail in thick brush or the Illinois hunter who shoots all of his ducks over decoys at close range.
Once, when I lived in Idaho, one of my Labradors and I were sitting in a harvested potato field near the rim of the Snake River Canyon, where we'd been chasing valley quail. We were nibbling the tiny left-over spuds and watching the sun go down, when a dozen or so mallards cup-winged into the field.
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