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(Norse mythology) one of the maidens of Odin who chose heroes to be slain in battle and conducted them to Valhalla

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The Cobalt Valkyrie-X is an experiential version while the Co50 Valkyrie is the fully certified model.
The Valkyrie models are stunningly sleek, modern aircraft that are super fast, safe and easy to fly.
The Valkyrie features a hybrid rocket system to propel the driver and its two passengers across the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah - famous for its land speed record heritage.
Sean with a model of his 400mph rocket-powered car, the Valkyrie 'high speed experience'
The Valkyrie series suppressor was originally designed for use on .
Valkyrie has a pronounced chest area, internal motors that glow, and padding to protect it from a fall, News.
Like other consumer NAS devices we've tested, the Valkyrie is a compact device and finished in black with contrast white text,
TODAY'S MOVIES Valkyrie (Sky Movies Action & Adventure, 7.
Out of Danehill mare Crystal Valkyrie, her year-older brother, Above Average, is now with leading Australian trainer Lee Freedman and holds an entry in the Melbourne Cup, while her two-year-old Hawk Wing half-sister, Winged Valkyrie, was placed on her second start in an Epsom maiden.
Singer is a director of great movies such as The Usual Suspects but Valkyrie seems to fall short.
VALKYRIE (12) has a stellar cast, some of whom come out of it better than others.
VALKYRIE Tom Cruise stars in the dramatisation of a remarkable wartime story.
Selwyn Duke writes once again with great proficiency and clarity on the subjects he covers, in this case the real Claus yon Stauffenberg and his portrayal in the current film Valkyrie ("Valkyrie: The Real von Stauffenberg," March 2 issue).
The family are in the Far East to promote Cruise's latest film Valkyrie.
Valkyrie is everything you can wish for and more - a superb, old fashioned thriller that harks back to wartime classics such as The Guns Of Navarone or Where Eagles Dare.