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the capital of Malta

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The ministers also stress the role of the European Asylum Support Office, the creation of which was confirmed in Valetta, Malta, to "better identify, among persons in mixed flows, those who require international protection" and to "cooperate with Frontex as far as possible".
Mr Chowdhury said until that happened Bahrain would do well to send its young lawyers to train at the International Maritime Law Institute in Valetta, Malta.
The P1 Championship series round in Valetta, Malta.
The Rolex Middle Sea Race is sailed from Valetta, Malta, while the Rolex Capri Sailing Week is based on the small island off Italy.
He told us to head to Valetta, Malta, wished us luck, and left us to get back to the rest of the convoy.
We'd joined the ship in Palma, Majorca, and she was taking us to Valetta, Malta, on to Naples and Livorno in Italy, Toulon in France, then back to Palma on a week's holiday.
Reed died on Sunday, aged 61, after a heart attack in a bar in Valetta, Malta, during a break in the filming of Stephen Spielberg's production, The Gladiator.
Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar inaugurated the International Institute on Aging in Valetta, Malta.
SAN DIEGO -- The College of Business Administration at San Diego State University (SDSU) announced today that they will offer a new collaborative graduate degree in Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) with University of Malta (UM) in Valetta, Malta.