Valentine's Day

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a day for the exchange of tokens of affection

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Ako hindi happy 'yung Valentine's Day ko e (My Valentine's Day isn't happy),' Gatchalian said in jest when he commenced the hearing of the Senate committee on energy, which he chairs.
The Islamabad High Court on Tuesday issued a judgment on a petition claiming that Valentine's Day was spreading "immorality, nudity and indecency" in the society.
Ms Annah Tshekoesele said she usually spends the day with family, but this time she will be celebrating the birth of her son, who turns a year on Valentine's Day.
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, here are some messages and quotes which you can send to your friends.
The court had also warned print and electronic media to stop all Valentine's Day promotions immediately.
The court had also warned print and electronic media to 'stop all Valentine's Day promotions immediately'.
In a notification to broadcasters and publishers, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) reminded the TV channels, FM radios and cable operators that they are banned from covering Valentine's Day.
For those who prefer a romantic stay, Regent Taipei's 2018 Valentine's Day Room Package offer, priced at NT$9999, is available from February 14th to March 14th: guests may stay at the Junior Suite, with complimentary breakfast for 2 at Brasserie, one bottle of Regent house wine and one box of Regent X Janice Wong Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift Set.
On Valentine's Day you might say Happy Valentine's Day or you might say I love you on Valentine's Day.
The Islamic authorities in Malaysia in 2005 issued a fatwa warning Muslims against celebrating Valentine's Day, saying it could lead to vice, especially pre-marital sex.
My dream Valentine's Day would involve a nice stroll in the afternoon, somewhere pretty and rural.
The story is somewhat different than others in the series, but, after all, it is a Valentine's Day saga rather than a light-hearted mystery novel.
LUXURIOUS ARTISAN CHOCOLATES: San Francisco chocolatier and cookbook author Michael Recchiuti of Recchiuti Confections offers three special, luxurious Valentine's Day chocolate assortments.
Valentine's Day (14 February) is the second-largest card-giving occasion of the year--only Christmas is bigger.
Ever since the flowers I sent her failed to get my eighth-grade English teacher to fall in love with me, I have always been a bit of a Valentine's Day Scrooge.