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a member of the mercantile and professional Hindu caste

the third of the four varnas: the commoners or yeoman farmers or mercantile and professional category

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Pritesh Vaishya strongly believes in food quality and customer satisfaction.
Vaishya, "The journey of articular cartilage repair," Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics and Trauma, vol.
Raman Mahadevan, an economic and business historian, says Indian business was largely dominated by members of the vaishya or merchant castes.
?Y donde estan aquellos a traves de cuyo trabajo fisico unicamente resultan posibles la influencia del brahmin, las proezas del kshatriya y la fortuna del vaishya? ?Cual es la historia de aquellos a quienes, siendo el verdadero cuerpo de la sociedad, se les designa en todo momento y en todos los paises como de "nacimiento inferior"?
As it was on the spine, which is one of the most important parts of our nervous system and it crosses tissue boundaries, it became more challenging to operate it," said Dr.Sandeep Vaishya, Director of Neurosurgery department at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon.
They flourished their culture and strongly believed in their 'Caste-System' which was consisting of 'Brahman', 'Khastriya', 'Vaishya' and 'Shudras'.17 The caste system of Hindu society was an instrument of Aryans civilization by which the new people, as a whole, were conferred upon a status in the Aryans society.
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A Hebrew B Galician C Aramaic D Yiddish QUESTION 11 - for 11 points: What in India are Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra?A Sub-branches of Hinduism B Hindu deities C The four main castes D National holidays QUESTION 12 - for 12 points: Cisco Systems is a world leader in which area of IT?
The caste composition of immigrants was: Brahmin (priest), Kshatriya (warriors and rulers), Vaishya (business and agricultural caste), and Sudras (menial caste), which interestingly matched the caste composition of the area where Indians came from, which meant that more Indians from the low caste than the high caste came to the Caribbean.
Raj Kumar Vaishya ( 96) considers he is young enough to pursue his dream of 77 years and obtain a post graduate degree.
So the entrepreneurs were from Vaishya Community (Trading community).
From the purusha's mouth came the Brahmins, the priestly caste; from his arms, the Kshatriya, warrior/military caste; from his thighs, the Vaishya, business/trading caste; and from his feet were born the Shudra, the caste of toiling agriculturists, artisans, and fisherfolk.
Vamashrama is "the scheme of a society based on four vamas (vocational classes) [brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya, shudra] and four ashramas (stages of life) {brahmacharya, grihastha, vanaprastha, sannyasa}" (Bhattacharyya 1999,165).
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