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Synonyms for vaccination

taking a vaccine as a precaution against contracting a disease

the scar left following inoculation with a vaccine

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Photo: (color in SAC) Kim Krauss holds still her son Blake, 5, for his vaccination shot Tuesday at Emblem Elementary School in Saugus.
When the number of vaccination shots were increased, patients showed marked improvement in their ability to fight off influenza and related symptoms across all ages and seasons.
Cebu City - Lapu-Lapu City was cited and recognized as one of the best local government units (LGUs) in terms of the number of vaccinated children, amid the controversey over the death of two infants which their parents blamed on vaccination shots.
My baby girl is already three months old and has not had her vaccination shots since I don't have any money.
The Health Clinics medical team was available from 8am to 2pm to provide free flu vaccination shots at the Female Health Clinic.
not being infected on a daily basis [air, water and food] or by obligatory vaccination shots, typically aren't being attended to and guaranteed by any person.
Created by Justin and Le-Anne Noble, the My Body Village series has two new titles to teach children the positive value of accepting the temporary discomfort of vaccination shots to protect the body from serious illnesses and viruses that cannot be otherwise cured.
Many pet owners take dogs to be groomed at the veterinary office, which can be stressful for the dog and the owner, as both associate the sterile office with vaccination shots and sickness.
5 million vaccination shots to reach 750,000 children in Lebanon, regardless of nationality.