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the percentage of all rental units (as in hotels) that are unoccupied or not rented at a given time

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In this context, if market demand drives vacancy rates to as low as 5%, that market is likely experiencing strong upward pressure on rents--a characteristic in conflict with market equilibrium.
Midtown posted its second consecutive quarter of falling vacancy rates in all building classes in the third quarter of 2011.
If at the same time the gap between the physical and economic vacancy rates is widening, this could reflect the increasing use of incentives, in the form of rent discounts.
Overall, while most office markets--29 out of 57 markets--experienced a decline in vacancy, more than half of all suburban markets experienced an increase in vacancy rates.
The report, which uses August as the most recent snapshot of vacancy levels, indicated that the Lancaster station had a vacancy rate of about 30 percent across the board, with the Lake Los Angeles group having five vacancies on its force of 18 and the Quartz Hill group having two vacancies out of a force of eight.
The report indicates that more than 500,000 families in the province cannot afford the rental housing currently available on the market despite rising vacancy rates.
According to Ikoma Data Service System, a real estate consultancy, office vacancy rates in the center of Tokyo were nearly 9 percent in the fall of 2003.
Twenty-two of Canada's 26 major centres have lower vacancy rates than a year ago.
As a result, vacancy rates increased throughout the city and absorption levels retreated into negative territory.
In the second quarter, the apartment and warehouse vacancy rates for the 54 markets that PPR surveyed were flat at 5.
At the same time CB Richard Ellis, the big commercial brokerage company, released its second quarter market assessment that showed the industrial vacancy rate for Los Angeles County at a tight 1.
While vacancy rates among children's social workers have fallen slightly in recent years--from 16% in 2000 to 11.
A rising level of new apartment construction also helped to prevent further improvement in rental vacancy rates during the first quarter.
Apartment vacancy rates decline to critical levels in major northeastern Ontario centres
By the end of this year, office vacancy rates are projected to drop to an average of 11.