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Synonyms for exabyte

a unit of information equal to 1000 petabytes or 10^18 bytes

a unit of information equal to 1024 pebibytes or 2^60 bytes

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Ecrix award-winning VXA data storage tape products offer an unprecedented combination of data capacity, performance, reliability and overall value.
From the time we first saw the VXA technology, we were excited about its availability for the Linux marketplace," said Ted Cook, President and CEO of EST.
Provider of tape backup, restore, and archival systems Exabyte Corporation (OTCBB:EXBT) has reported the release of its third-generation VXA Packet Tape Drive, the VXA-320.
Worldwide Computer Products News-5 October 2005-Third-generation VXA Packet Tape Drive launched by Exabyte(C)1995-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
In contrast, helical scan tape formats such as AIT, SAIT and VXA write data in much shorter tracks across the width of the tape, and therefore do not require servo tracking systems.
And because it uses VXA tape technology, our customers get enterprise-level capacity, performance and reliability at a very low price.
VXA is a registered trademark of Tandberg Data ASA.
The VXA-2 PacketLoader is also the only 1u autoloader with a field-replaceable drive, allowing for easy upgrades to future generations of VXA drives without the cost of buying a whole new box.
The TLS-4000 Tape Library Family supports three popular tape formats, including Sony AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape), Exabyte M2 and Ecrix VXA.
IBM's endorsement positions VXA as the leading technology to replace DDS, and that has quickly been followed by endorsements from other OEMs, channel partners and end users.
VXA Drive and Autoloader Ideally Suited for Busy SMBs and Departmental Organizations Seeking Robust, Reliable, and Easy-to-Use Data Protection Solutions
Packetizing opens up new modes of operation that lead to improved reliability and performance Additionally, VXA can operate at variable speed.
US-based Ecrix Corp has introduced a new rack-mountable tape storage autoloader called VXA AutoRak.
VXA has tremendous momentum right now, and it is well on its way to becoming the technology of choice in this market sector.
Compaq Computer Corp is to bundle California-based Dantz Development Corp's backup technology with its business desktop computers and workstations that are equipped with an optional CD-RW or VXA tape drive.