VX gas

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a highly lethal nerve agent used in chemical warfare

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The prosecutors appear to be considering giving up indicting Kikuchi on charges relating to the sarin and VX gas attacks, the sources said.
Even though the river dumping studies are not completed, plans are being drawn to begin breaking down the VX gas even without a concrete plan for disposal.
Icoria will use gene expression and metabolic profiling through mass spectrometry with its proprietary data analysis and pathway informatics tools to study the blood and selected organs of rats exposed to low levels of VX gas to identify biomarkers.
5 tons of deadly VX gas and was trying to prove that to inspectors.
Although Dr Blix said Iraq still had not accounted for large quantities of biological and chemical agents used to produce anthrax and VX gas, his second report to the Security Council was much more of a mixed bag than his first one two weeks ago.
However the acid test for Britain and the US will be whether Iraq has now finally explained what has happened to missing biological and chemical agents used to produce anthrax and deadly VX gas, as well as 6,500 chemical bombs.
weapons inspectors believes that Iraq produced a greater amount of VX than it initially reported, that its VX gas has a higher degree of purity than Iraq claimed, and that it has indeed been weaponized.
The Taliban could possibly be in possession of surface-to-surface missiles and is reported to have stockpiles of chemical shells, Sarin and VX gas projectiles, according to a report released Monday by the U.
VX gas causes coughs, sweating, nausea, diarrhoea, muscle aches and finally death by suffocation.
Croddy told The Middle East Syria had successfully tested Scud warheads tipped with VX gas, a single drop of which is enough to kill.
His scientists are known to have developed Agent 15 and VX gas which attack the central nervous system.
That factory, which has been said to manufacture pharmaceuticals, in fact makes the components for VX gas and other chemical weapons, the administration said.
TNT) Martin poses as an international arms dealer to rescue kidnapped chemist Richard Hubbard and track the sale of VX gas.
However, had they remained in Syria, they could have been components in the production of VX gas - the most toxic among the known chemical warfare agents.
He was also convicted of killing a 28-year-old man in Osaka in December 1994 by releasing VX gas.