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Synonyms for medium

Synonyms for medium

something, as a type, number, quantity, or degree, that represents a midpoint between extremes on a scale of valuation

a settlement of differences through mutual concession

that by which something is accomplished or some end achieved

journalists and journalism in general

the totality of surrounding conditions and circumstances affecting growth or development

Synonyms for medium

the surrounding environment

an intervening substance through which signals can travel as a means for communication

(bacteriology) a nutrient substance (solid or liquid) that is used to cultivate micro-organisms

a liquid with which pigment is mixed by a painter

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(biology) a substance in which specimens are preserved or displayed

an intervening substance through which something is achieved

a state that is intermediate between extremes

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someone who serves as an intermediary between the living and the dead

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(usually plural) transmissions that are disseminated widely to the public

an occupation for which you are especially well suited

around the middle of a scale of evaluation

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(meat) cooked until there is just a little pink meat inside

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VTM is the trusted partner in precision woodworking machinery; providing over 50 years of knowledge and experience.
La Tabla I presenta las propiedades fisicas correspondientes a los sustratos bagazo fresco (bf), bagazo precomposteado (bp), bagazo composteado (bc), bagazo vermicomposteado (bv), y los testigos Sunshine 3 (s-s) y VTM Sogemix (vtm).
VTM found ultracapacitors capture the most energy during the 10 to 12 seconds of braking in a heavy start-stop cycle.
Njoy's announcement about its new VTM gives us further conviction behind our view that VTMs will become more mainstream, given their superior performance to 'cig-alike' e-cigs," Herzog wrote last month.
Tadeusz Woszczynski, regional director for the Central Eastern Europe in the Information Systems Group of Hitachi Europe Ltd, said, 'Together with our partner in Poland we are introducing the most innovative solutions in Europe, and the VTM is another fruit of this cooperation.
A VTM (VIV0007TFJ) with a K factor of 1/32 and 115 A DC output is also available.
Additionally, Dynisco will feature a new polymer analyzer, the VTM dynamic mechanical laboratory analyzer for polyolefins.
The PRM, which can be collocated with the VTM or located a distance away from the VTM, provides regulation.
VTM stands for "viscosity, transition, and modulus," the three critical phases of polymer measurement, and this instrument can measure dynamic mechanical properties through all of these phases, from melt through transition to solid state.
Van Thillo, CEO of Belgium's three-channel commercial net VTM and media outfit De Persgroep, has been courting Dutch media minister Medy van der Laan and pubcaster TROS, which was considering going commercial.
This facility will serve as the hub for all VTM business and operational matters," said Zaidi, who is also Chairman and CEO of Karmazin Products Corp.
Drawing from parent company VTM Group's more than 15 years of experience with special interest organizations of all sizes and industries, Ascensha created Causeway specifically for associations.
Tenders are invited for "(1) Operation and maintenance of the Generator Sets, lightings with fixtures/fittings, all accessories installed on the tower, tower cabin, campus for Frasergunj and Sagar VTM station as and when required.
GRGBanking's regional sales director for Europe, Pranas Griskevicius, said that the VTM allows customers to perform almost any transaction and communicate with remote customer service consultants while providing a consistent and customer friendly banking experience.
6 July 2010 - Indian credit rating agency CRISIL kept the ratings of BBB with a "stable" outlook and of P3+ on the bank facilities of cotton fabric maker VTM Ltd (BOM:532893).