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In the meantime, he said 3,598 people were dismissed through the VSS scheme, including 701 Utusan Melayu personnel during the period up to Sept 30 this year.
In addition, VSS expects to book a loss of approximately USD18m in relation to the planned sale of Odin Viking, which is expected to be booked in Q3 2018 or Q4 2018.
VSS has extensive experience in the human capital management sector, having made six investments in the HCM sector.
VSS is a private equity investment firm that invests in the information, business services, healthcare, and education industries.
Experts said that the VSS is a sign of management move to enhance efficiency as the company has approximately Rs32 billion cash on its books counting cash and short term investments.
"Customer satisfaction, high cost of human resource and demands from those 6,000 employees who had opted for the last three VSS schemes but could not be relieved are key reasons for the fourth VSS," said Hussain.
The draft was also subject of discussion in the Council for judicial reform, which features members of VSS.
As per the agreement, SCOPE will be responsible for promoting and distributing VSS Monitoring's family of network packet brokers.
In a statement to the Mirror, VSS said: "Anne Dorbie has recently left her position as CEO of VSS.
VSS Monitoring, a provider of network optimisation tools has appointed Firas Ghanem as regional sales director for Middle East and East Africa (MEA) region.
Westcon today announced that it has been signed as a distributor for VSS Monitoring in the Middle East.
Islamabad -- The Lahore High Court has dismissed three different petitions against Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) Voluntary Severance Scheme (VSS).
Lahore -- While mentioned that PTCL is not revising its recently launched VSS scheme, SEVP HR PTCL Syed Mazhar Hussain has emphasised that the offered scheme is beneficial for the employees and has been designed in a way so that employees get the maximum benefit.