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an endorsement made in a passport that allows the bearer to enter the country issuing it

provide (a passport) with a visa

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approve officially

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(1) As recommended by the Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI), the agar dilution method was used for MIC determination for the detection of VISA and VRSA strains in this study.
Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (VRSA) from a rural based tertiary care and teaching hospital in Vadodara district, Gujarat.
There are very few studies available on VRSA detection particularly on vanA and vanB genes in Pakistan also.
* The report reviews pipeline therapeutics for Vancomycin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (VRSA) Infections by companies and universities/research institutes based on information derived from company and industry-specific sources
Persons considered to be at increased risk for VRSA acquisition were health care providers at the wound clinic and the dialysis clinic and dialysis patients sharing the same dialysis shift as the VRSA patient.
During the past decade VRSA did not spread rapidly and there were only a few reports of this superbug.
Our results of the antibacterial activity showed that the CT exhibited inhibitory activities against isolates MSSA, MRSA, VRSA, and reference stains.
VRSA, or vancomycin-resistant S.aureus, has acquired resistance to powerful antibiotics considered one of the last lines of defence.
Health officials in Delaware have reported a case of the rare vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or VRSA, infection, bringing the national VRSA total to 12.
An important problem associated with VRSA is that standard laboratory tests may not distinguish it from the much more common MRSA.
aureus has evolved from a susceptible organism to penicillin resistant, methicillin resistant (MRSA), and low-level vancomycin resistant (VISA), followed by high-level vancomycin resistant (VRSA) (currently confined to a few cases).
aureus (VRSA) infection, which is always methicillin-resistant, have been reported in the United States (Table) (1); 5 of these cases occurred in Michigan.