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macular degeneration that is age-related

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CPUs, GPUs, and the Movidius VPU to enhance their applications with AI
Myriad X is the newest generation in a lineage of Movidius VPUs, which are purpose-built for embedded visual intelligence and inference.
The Lox5 sequences (Cva Lox5, Sma Lox5, and Vpu Lox5) present a key signature residue, which is characteristic of Lox proteins in lophotrochozoans, Gly39 (Fig.
Las figuras que se presentan fueron obtenidas a traves del software estadistico Statgraphics Centurion XV version 15.2.06, en el cual se realizo una regresion simple con los valores promedio por dia de ensayo para el contenido de agua, la VPU y la resistencia a la compresion, hallandose un modelo de comportamiento para cada condicion de curado con un nivel de confianza del 95% en cada caso.
With frustrations mounting, we removed and replaced the VPU. It passed the op-leak check, but the nozzle still was reading below limitations.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs chaired the Trafficking Working Group, which includes the Ministries of Justice, Labor, and Social Solidarity, the VPU of the national police, the Office for the Promotion of Gender Equality, and representatives from the civil, religious, diplomatic, and NGO communities.
But the judge dismissed his case for judicial review as unarguable, saying both the VPU and E wing offered a considerable degree of protection and it was not unreasonable for the prison governor to expect Borat to move to one or the other.
Para establecer la historia demografica de la prevalencia de la infeccion por el VIH-1 asociada con los recombinantes BF en Argentina, en este trabajo se analizaron 40 secuencias de aproximadamente 500 pares de bases (pb) de segmentos conservados del gen vpu y de la region terminal 5' del gen env.
Equipped with two Visual Processing Units (VPU) and a single Vertex/Scalability Unit (VSU), the powerful Wildcat Realizm 800 is the highest performing, single professional graphics accelerator on the market.
Previously it was a small unit because Walton is not a sex offenders' prison and drug abuse in the VPU was virtually non-existent.
Vpu (Viral Protein U) is one of fifteen distinct proteins encoded by the HIV-1 genome.
Complementing MOBILITY RADEON X600, the industry's first mobile PCI Express VPU, MOBILITY RADEON X300 and MOBILITY RADEON X800 give ATI the broadest and fastest portfolio of mobile PCI Express graphics processors for next-generation notebook PCs.
'Staff on the VPU alerted inspectors to a situation where they believed that a young prisoner was being groomed by an adult prisoner on the wing,' said the report.