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a blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart

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au 1994 vastu otsuse, millele tuginedes viidi konflikti-piirkonda SRAaAa AaAaAeA hised relvajAaAaAeA ud--tegelikult mehitatud Vene AaAaAeA ksustega.
Io facto ho finire il tuto de dicta fabricha excepto le sofitte de le torette che non sonno anchora finite, e la septimana proxima che vene seranno finite.
Hastada solda genislemis inferior frenik ven ve perikardiakofrenik vene acilan subdiafragmatik transhepatik kollateraller vardi (Resim 2).
(66) Rahvuslike ideede voorsile kaasavotmisest annavad tunnistust mitmed Estonia, Estonka ja Uus-Estonia nime kandvad kulad ule kogu Vene tsaaririigi.
Coventry City Council's new Labour administration has vowed to protect the green belt, but a recent report from the Planning Inspectorate approved a 3,600-home 'eco-suburb' in Keresley, as reported in the T Because the cou not legally chang turn the report now ask Cons minister for com Eric Pickles, to vene.
"The carriers pointed it out to the ministry that foreign lorries are working on a road construction project and asked us to investigate on what basis are they providing services here, and if everything is correct and in compliance with the standards," explained head of transportation and traffic at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Priit Vene. He said that the ministry will send supervisory personnel to the site to investigate.
Vene mojud on seni leidnud toestamist vaid Liivi soja aegses venelaste administratiivkeskuses Parnus.
(7.) Jensenius M, Fournier PE, Vene S, Hoel T, Hasle G, Henriksen AZ, et al.
Clerics who resisted were beat- en up and the CPS refused to inter- vene. Two rival imams in London were hospitalised after attacks and still no action was taken.
PARKING outside the Villa Vene zia at 8.30 on a Monday evening, we thought we'd made a mistake with the calendar.
The men are believed to have picked up the 27.5lbs haul from the island of Curaao,near Vene zuela, where the liner stopped during a cruise which included visits to Barbados, St Lucia and Panama.
Coukos of Naples, public relations director; Vene M.