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Make sure your VDU is well positioned and properly adjusted and that the workplace lighting is suitable without any bright reflections on the screen.
If they do, the VDU may need servicing or adjusting.
Take frequent breaks from looking at the VDU to give your eyes a rest.
Bifocal lenses can be a good option for VDU users since two focal powers can be dispensed--one for the screen itself and one for the keyboard.
Tri lenses provide an intermediate focus which is especially useful for presbyopic patients whose near or habitual reading prescription does not allow/ for a clear focus at the VDU working distance, which then precludes the use of bifocal lenses.
Some manufacturers produce specialist lenses such as Rodenstock's C40 Datalit trifocal, which has been especially designed for VDU users.
Yes, employers should make arrangements for VDU users to have regular eyesight tests.
What do the regulations say about VDU workstations?
Employers must provide VDU users and employees who are about to become VDU users with adequate health and safety training on the equipment's use.
Frequent users of VDUs were found to have significantly more musculoskeletal problems in the neck and shoulder regions than infrequent users.
The "vulture" posture is also aggravated by the use of bifocals, particularly when the bifocal incorporates an addition prescribed for reading, which may not be suitable for the intermediate working distance used with VDUs. In these situations, not only must the person lean in close to the screen, but they also need to maintain a head-up posture in order to look through the segment in the bottom part of the lens, causing increased neck discomfort and strain.
Failing successful adaptation to, or use of, varifocal spectacles for VDUs, the presbyope may be advised to simply move their VDU closer to them, so that it is within their far point range.
The project will also include installation of a vacuum distillation unit (VDU) and a crude distillation unit (CDU) to improve the production of gasoil.