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a unit of electrical power in an AC circuit equal to the power dissipated when 1 volt produces a current of 1 ampere

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Improved diagnostic medium for separation of Cryptococcus neoformans var.
The open architecture approach goes beyond application programming interfaces (APIs), scripting layers, and plug-ins, and gives VARs the full source code access under generous licensing terms.
Sometimes a consultant with accounting and software expertise can offer a different approach from that of a VAR.
Emerging markets are good VAR turf: VARs shouldn't be asked to compete against a company's own direct sales force or in markets where there's already a strong dealer presence, says Deacon.
A choice of operating system is also loaded and tested at the Wyse configuration center before the system is shipped to the VAR or directly to the end-user site.
PacketHop has developed relationships with a number of VARs that successfully deliver advanced communications solutions throughout the United States - including Advanced C4 Solutions (AC4S), ComSerCo Communications, Louisiana Radio Communications (LRC) and Red Cloud Wireless Voice and Data.
In addition, these distributors each possess a strong VAR following with a differentiated vertical focus.
We set some very lofty sales and VAR recruitment goals for them.
The IBM PS/1 Pro line is what the VAR community has been asking for -- a PC line with an excellent feature set offered at an aggressive price point," said David R.
BelAir Networks' VAR Program offers unmatched benefits including sales, technical and marketing support customized to each partner's goals.
Ingram Micro, Merisel and Tech Data each offer a strong VAR following with a differentiated vertical focus.
NextAlarm's VAR program also includes fully UL-listed monitoring, including instant notifications by telephone, e-mail or short message service (SMS) when an alarm is triggered and dispatch of local police, fire department and paramedics.
This program builds on our successful experience with both Gates/FA and Ingram Micro in reselling our connectivity products to the large and growing VAR community," said Carlucci.
RCCS expert application software and comprehensive system integration services lets utilities enjoy the financial and operational benefits of closed-loop VAr [Volt-Ampere reactive] control far sooner and at lower cost than is possible with other approaches.
PDS bridges this gap between the VAR and vertical, providing VARs with the resources to reach their target, and then to establish and maintain market presence.