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a small jet-propelled winged missile that carries a bomb

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The Americans and their Belgian hosts lived with a double fear: the return of the Nazi troops and the fall of V-1 bombs [unmanned flying explosives known as buzz bombs].
March 29, 1945: The last 'Flying Bomb' fell in England: The official name of the flying bomb was V-1, short for Vengeance Weapon 1, the English translation of the German name, Vergeltungswaffe-1.
The V-1s were the first long-range missiles ever used in warfare.
From June 1944 until March 1945, 5823 V-1s were launched against London, killing 5000 people.
Leading Aircrafts-man Douglas "Dougie" Duncan, then 19, was the first person to track radio signals from test firings of Hitler's new terror weapon, the V-1 rocket, dubbed the doodlebug.
28 g/t Au (253,000 ounces) down to the 200 meter elevation within the V-1N, V-1S and V-2 zones.
V-1s were programmed to lock their elevators down after a set distance was flown.
Unfortunately, the V-1s, or buzz-bombs, came in at about 350 mph at 1,500 feet, leaving the Meteor with only a slight margin in speed.
With a maximum speed of 415 mph at 10,000 feet, and armed with four 20mm Hispano cannons, it was immediately pressed into service against V-1 flying bombs in company with the Tempest V--the RAF's top-performance piston-engined fighter.