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a type of submachine gun that is designed and manufactured in Israel

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The Uzi sub-machine gun was decommissioned in March 2012 and now there are calls for front-line gardai to be armed with the weapon.
I made two different mounts for two different Uzis. While the Uzi is the subject here, the principles used to build the mounts can be adapted to many guns if you use your imagination.
Real automatic Uzis and AK-47s--not semi-automatic look-alikes--won't be flooding U.S.
FOR SALE: Uzi sub-machine; gun, top, and an AK-47, above
Following another lecture on the Uzi itself we headed out to the actual range to begin our course.
There is however one project missing that along with the AK-47 gives the gun-banning crowd fits and spasms, the Uzi. The Uzi submachine gun is famous to military arms collectors but infamous to gun haters.
In March, 2003, an Uzi was found in a hotel near Dublin and a second recovered in Edenderry, Co Offaly.
LETHAL: Uzis similar to the guns that gardai caught Dunne with
Sam Smyth's here and he's gettin' a tattoo--I'm tattooin' an Uzi on him!" "Alright.
Uzi Gal, 79, the inventor of the Uzi submachine gun, died this past September.
* A few months ago, Mitch Kalter, the affable head of Action Arms, the Uzi importer for the United States, made a trip to the West Coast carrying with him two of his fully automatic firearms for the staff of Guns & Ammo to test.
A nine-year-old girl in Arizona killed her instructor with an Uzi sub-machine gun.