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a type of submachine gun that is designed and manufactured in Israel

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I've had more loaded Uzis pointed at me than I care to remember.
But it's as close to an Uzi as you can own without nice gentlemen in suits showing up at your door.
The Uzi sub-machine gun was decommissioned in March 2012 and now there are calls for front-line gardai to be armed with the weapon.
Ten years ago, holders of firearms cards in An Garda Siochana were trained to carry a gun and an Uzi sub-machine gun.
Real automatic Uzis and AK-47s--not semi-automatic look-alikes--won't be flooding U.
FOR SALE: Uzi sub-machine; gun, top, and an AK-47, above
Following another lecture on the Uzi itself we headed out to the actual range to begin our course.
In March, 2003, an Uzi was found in a hotel near Dublin and a second recovered in Edenderry, Co Offaly.
Chief Supt Maguire said the Uzis had been de-activated and then re-activated and could not be fired automatically, but were still lethal.
Uzi Gal, 79, the inventor of the Uzi submachine gun, died this past September.
A few months ago, Mitch Kalter, the affable head of Action Arms, the Uzi importer for the United States, made a trip to the West Coast carrying with him two of his fully automatic firearms for the staff of Guns & Ammo to test.
A nine-year-old girl in Arizona killed her instructor with an Uzi sub-machine gun.