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Synonyms for Uighur

a member of a people who speak Uighur and live in Xinjiang and adjacent areas

the Turkic language spoken by approximately 7,000,000 Uighur in extreme northwestern China

the script (derived from Aramaic) used to write the Uighur language


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Referring to a notice which appeared near the graveyard, the author of 'The Sacred Routes of Uyghur History', explained that the document was placed to warn the community to remove the corpses of their relatives in six days.
Nury Turkel, chairman and founder of Uyghur Human Rights Project, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization said in the video that China is building more internment camps.
Therefore, in this cross-sectional study, we used data from the China National Health Survey (CNHS) to investigate the role of body mass index (BMI) as risk factor of hypertension in Uyghur and Han adults in China.
At least 80 Uyghur students were arrested, while dozens were deported to China earlier in July, reported the Egyptian Commission of Rights and Freedoms (ECRF).
With the adoption of repressive policies in the XUAR 1949 onwards, a Uyghur movement emerged amongst the group's diaspora population with the goal of establishing an independent Eastern Turkestan Republic for Uyghurs.
Keywords: Ethnic Relations, Assimilation, Accommodation, Ethnic Group, Ethnic Identity, Uyghur, China.
Six more people were sentenced to death by an Urumqi court Thursday for their roles in unrest in China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in early July.
Dilxat Raxit, a spokesman for the World Uyghur Congress, said pressure should be put on Beijing to open talks with Rebiya Kadeer, a Uighur leader who lives in the United States and who China accused of masterminding the July unrest.
The world should be aware that about 90 per cent of the Uyghur students who have studied Islam in Saudi Arabia and in Egypt are detained in Chinese jails at present," she said.
Alim Seytoff of the Washington-based Uyghur American Association said: "We ask the international community to condemn China's killing of innocent Uighurs.
In mid-July 1951, the 70-year-old legendary Uyghur master musician Turdi Akhun arrived, for the first time, in Dihua--better known today as Urumchi--the provincial capital of the newly established Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on the northwestern fringe of China, some 1,800 kilometers away from his hometown Yengisa.
Originally descended from a group of Turkic-speaking tribes from the Altai mountains, the majority of Uygur people now live within the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, a province in the north of China that shares its borders with eight countries.
They belong to groups such as the Uyghur American Association and the East Turkestan National Congress, which is a federation of a number of Uighur associations.
The author and his Uyghur informant collaborated to prepare an excellent, substantial descriptive grammar and 15 dialogue units for the modern Uyghur language as indigenous speakers use it mainly in eastern Turkistan (Xinjiang), China.
Summary: Washington D.C [USA], Mar 5 (ANI): A bipartisan group of US lawmakers on Monday (local time) complained that the Trump administration 'has taken no meaningful action' on China's alleged abuse of the largest Muslim Uyghur ethnic minority in Xinjiang.