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genus of perennial rhizomatous herb of southern and southeastern United States

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The Viburnum nudum was a common shrub, and of smaller plants, there were the dwarf-cornel, great round-leaved orchis, abundant and in bloom (a greenish-white flower growing in little communities), Uvularia grandiflora, whose stem tasted like a cucumber, Pyrola secunda, apparently the commonest Pyrola in those woods, now out of bloom, Pyrola elliptica, and Chiogenes hispidula.
Sclsp FAC Smilax bona-nox Smibon FACU Smilax rotundifolia Smirot FAC Toxicodendron radicans Toxrad FAC Ulmus alata Ulmala FACU Uvularia sessifolia Uvuses FAC Viola sp.
That'll be UVULARIA (right), which is named after the uvula, the little piece of flesh which hangs down the back of your throat and flaps around when you snore.
Costs of producing clonal offspring and the effects of plant size on population dynamics of the woodland herb Uvularia perfoliata (Liliaceae).
radicans 1 X X X X Tradescantia subaspera 5 X X Trillium flexipes 5 X Trillium recurvatum 4 X X Trillium sessile 4 X Triosteum aurantiacum 5 X Ulmus rubra 3 X Uvularia grandiflorum* 7* X* X* Valeriana pauciflora* 7* X* Viola sagittata 6 X Viola striata 4 X X Verbena urticifolia var.
A contribution to the life history of Uvularia sessilifolia.
They will be followed by Corydalis flavula (yellow corydalis), Cynoglossum virginianum (wild comfrey or hound's-tongue), Geranium maculatum (wild geranium), and Uvularia sessilifolia (sessile-leaved bellwort).