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a radioactive transuranic element

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When following a conservative treatment approach, the ipsilateral UUT should be monitored closely.
The diagnostic accuracy of CT performance is high with a reported sensitivity of 88-100% and specificity of 93-100% for UUT abnormalities.
"Perceptions towards Companies and Forest Conservation in Two Villages of Uut Murung, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia".
A total number of 758 urine samples of 682 patients with suspicion of UUT UC between 2004 and 2012 were retrospectively included into the study.
Seega voib seltsi- ja rahvamajades naha uut ruumilist kultuurimudelit, mis loi voimalused nii kultuuri arenguks kui ka seltskondlikuks labikaimiseks, uhistegevus aga tagas rahvuslike ideede leviku massidesse, millele tuginedes sai kujunev majanduslik ning poliitiline eliit poliitilisi noudmisi esitada.
The actors model provides a technique for specifying the components of a UUT and their interaction.
The Murung, with whom they are often conflated (as I will discuss below), live to their east, the Uut Danum to their north and west, and the Kapuas/Kahayan to their south.
of the economic downturn, exacerbated by rising tourist taxes, higher fuel casts and cheaper rival holiday spots, have put pressure rm ilu: Caribbean region, "Price* have become a major issue with PS99!) seen as a major cul-off point when persuading holiday makers to book." At TraveV/oo, a late deal specialist website, UK rn.m.ij'in}' dirertiir Joel Brandon -Bravo sstys: "In recent months, exceptional deals to Caribbean destinations have teen luxury all-inclusive packages starting below PS 1,000" Check uut the Caribbean Tourism Organisation website vmvtv.caribbean.Cd.uk and wwMMraveljmo.co.uk for more details on Caribbean offers.
Estonian short, long and overlong vowels and consonants yield the following seven possible combinations: (1) Q1 u.de 'fuzz', Q2 uu.de 'innovation', Q3 uui.de 'new, illat.sg.'; Q2 ut.te 'ewe, gen.sg.', Q3 uti.te 'ewe, part.sg.'; Q2 uut.te 'new, gen.sg.' and Q3 uuiti.te 'innovation, gen.sg.'.
Age Sex Primary site 1 72 f uut 2 36 m Bladder 3 61 m uut 4 75 m Bladder 5 76 m uut 6 60 f uut 7 72 f uut 8 77 m Bladder 9 75 f uut 10 68 m uut 11 72 m Bladder 12 58 m Bladder 13 64 m Bladder 14 73 f Bladder 15 62 m Bladder 16 74 m Bladder 17 53 m uut 18 61 m Bladder 19 56 m Bladder 20 63 f Bladder 21 73 m Bladder No.
(8) CIS of the bladder is associated with a 3- 4-fold higher risk for CIS of the upper urinary tract (UUT) than invasive bladder tumors.
The researchers designed an experiment in which they asked participants to perform an Unusual Use Task (UUT), listing as many unusual uses for an item as possible.
This is done so that the UUT does not experience any resistance to throw the supply air due to upstream surging effect of the flow through nozzle.