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a radioactive transuranic element

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These interfaces enable to test ADAS functionalities, like EBA or ACC, on HiL test benches by injecting simulated object lists into the UuT.
In such cases, nephrostomy should immediately be considered as a treatment option for a definite and quick release of the UUT obstruction, followed by a chemical dissolution therapy.
Polythetic classification can be utilized to explain the relationship between the Siang and their neighbors--the Murung, Ngaju, and the Uut Danum most directly and, further away, the Luangan, the Punan, and the Kayan--by showing the range of interrelated features that can be identified among these groups.
Uut tried desperately to help me to pronounce the word correctly, but every time I said it, she and Tacuk and the others could not help but laugh.
Providing greater control over each internal switching cycle allows unique new user functions aimed at providing greater protection of the UUT.
UUT benign lesions are rare and include endometriomas, fibromas, leiomyomas, granulomas, neurofibromas, hemangiomas, and lymphangiomas.
Switch-mode, or rectifier-type power supplies that are not power-factor corrected, are an example of a UUT that has a high crest factor.
61), the iconography on which draws from Uut Danum carved doors rather than the more conventional iconography of the Ibanic and demonstrates that the artistic eye of the Ibanic weaver was ever alert to new ideas.
The model 10081A VXIbus compatible 4 x 8 coaxial matrix is a C-sized message base unit that can easily interface between the UUT and various types of test equipment installed in the VXIbus enclosure.
To test a prototype amplifier, for example, the instrument system would run a program that would put out appropriate signals for the unit under test (UUT) to amplify, collect the resulting waveforms from the UUT outputs, and display the results as a set of charts.
UUT has a history of stability, and management expects it to remain roughly flat.
As the unit under test (UUT) becomes more complex or, for example, as multiple UUTs appear in a system, the switching system will get more complex.
Announcement of competition: UUT 15- Preparatory work Arna