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a radioactive transuranic element

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Multiple Linear Regression Analysis Model: In order to predict LMY from UUH, UW, UL, UD, TA, UV, LOGSCC, and LL, prediction equation for LMY can be written as follows:
Stepwise Regression Analysis Model: By Stepwise Regression Analysis Model, significant (independent) variables (UD, TA, and LL) among UUH, UW, UL, UD, TA, UV, LOGSCC, and LL, were included in multiple regression analysis model.
VIF values obtained for independent variables varied from 1.140 (LOGSCC) to 2.718 (UUH), suggesting that MLRA model could be reliable without multicollinearity problem.
LMY: lactation milk yield, UUH: udder upper height, UW: udder width, UL: udder length, UD: udder diameter, TA: teat angle, UV: udder volume, SCC: somatic cell count, LL: lactation length
Thus, positively high correlation (r=0.933) between UUH and FS1 was found (Pless than0.01), but UW was highly negatively correlated with FS1 (r=-0.872) (Pless than0.01) statistically.
LMY would be expected to insignificantly increase with decreasing UUH and increasing UW in respect of factor 1 as shown in the Tables 3-4, respectively.
Among these udder traits, the positively significant effects of LTL, RTL, LTC, UD, UW, UC, and TA on DMY were reported in spite of negatively effects of UUH and UBH on the DMY.