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complete reversal of direction of travel

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Launched as a YouTube channel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2010, UTURN is a pioneering Arabic entertainment network, which produces quality creative programmes to support young people and promote Arab programmes worldwide.
Kaswara Al-Khatib, Chairman and CEO at UTURN, said: "Since its inception, UTURN has been on a mission to empower the next generation of social media content creators to join the ranks of Arab YouTube stars such as Omar Hussein, Bader Saleh and Shoaib Rashid.
"We have extended our relationship with UTurn this year," said Asadur Rehman, director of mediaor the Middle East and North
Starting in April, Yahoo Maktoob will launch a UTURN channel under its video platform Yahoo Screen, featuring UTURN's new productions throughout 2014, including leading comedy series, a library of UTURN's best video content, as well as exclusive content that includes behind the scenes videos.
Left-back Cole last night made the incredible Uturn by accepting a oneyear extension to his present contract.
The 30-year-old Economic Secretary to the Treasury was reduced to a coughing, spluttering mess when hauled in front of the cameras to explain away yet another government Uturn.
The S&N board took it to mean the latter as did the pensioners who have already lost out because of Heineken's Uturn.
Liverpool's American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillet have performed a Uturn and the manager is now allowed to spend money raised from the sale of players in January.
John Fitzpatrick THE latest announcement by Iain Gray that he would support a referendum on independence is a Uturn on a U-turn.
The move amounts to a major government Uturn, after Labour followed the Conservatives in refusing to allow local authorities to build their own homes.
"Local residents have been left in limbo as Caroline Flint performs Uturn on U-turn.
After weeks of damaging headlines, the Government was forced into a pounds 2.7 billion Uturn last month, but the row helped the Tories overturn a large Labour majority in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election.
THE howls of anguish from top British bookies about the late Uturn from Jim Bolger over the participation of yesterday's Derby hero New Approach in the Epsom Blue Riband smacked of sheer hypocrisy.
Developers Louis Cappelli and Donald Trump have been credited with driving the uturn, creating a City Center residential and retail mix and apartment and retail complexes in both White Plains and New Rochelle over the past few years.