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French painter noted for his paintings of Parisian street scenes (1883-1955)

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Hannah has been working with Utrillo seven days a week in preparation for the class, which was the National Young Rider Championships in 1985 and, in 2002, became the National Under 25 Championship.
First, I have to consider the viewpoints of other scholars about differences between Piet Mondrian and Maurice Utrillo. The Israeli philosopher Tsion Avital would argue that Mondrian's abstractions are not "art" at all.
About PS3m of that is in diamonds, emeralds, property, paintings (Van Gough, Picasso, Monet, Utrillo, John etc)." - October 11, 1968 | His brother Ivor: "My brother who is paralysed, is able to move his toenails...
At the same time, let's recall that his sense of kinship with such self-destructive souls as Maurice Utrillo, Charles Baudelaire, Dylan Thomas, and Hart Crane grew stronger throughout his life.
The model for the woman was perhaps Suzanne Valadon (who posed for both Degas and Lautrec), unmarried mother of Maurice Utrillo and herself a draughtswoman of some merit.
Nevertheless, Cassou's acquisition policy generally followed more conservative trends, which helps explain the presence here of work by figures such as Othon Friesz, Maurice Utrillo, and Maurice de Vlaminck, once the rage of their day and now largely forgotten.
Valadon was an artist in her own right, as was her husband, Andre Utter - whom she married when she was 44 and he was 23 - and son, Maurice Utrillo.
Maurice Utrillo, at age 18, was in a hospital when his artist mother, Suzanne Valadon, brought him paints and postcards to use as inspiration.
Among those who contributed to Hallmark's line over the years were painters Georgia O'Keeffe, Maurice Utrillo and Max Weber; comedian Groucho Marx; actors Fred MacMurray, Jane Wyman and Lionel Barrymore; and statesman Winston Churchill.
Entering the city, they gazed up at Sacre Coeur, which Miller knew well from books on Utrillo and George Moore.
Hopper or Utrillo, sun shadow or pencil-marking rain.
O'Brien can pick from Air Chief Marshal, Jan Vermeer, Joshua Tree, Midas Touch or Utrillo too, while Chapple-Hyam has another string to his bow through Morana.