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French painter noted for his paintings of Parisian street scenes (1883-1955)

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Hannah has been working with Utrillo seven days a week in preparation for the class, which was the National Young Rider Championships in 1985 and, in 2002, became the National Under 25 Championship.
When I view paintings by Utrillo or other cosmopolitan artists, there is an opportunity to experience nostalgic feelings.
Advised by her father Francis, who was a very successful art dealer, she bought extensively in the 1960s concentrating on the names of the zeitgeist - Van Gogh, Degas, Renoir, Utrillo, Rouault.
Maurice Utrillo, at age 18, was in a hospital when his artist mother, Suzanne Valadon, brought him paints and postcards to use as inspiration.
Among those who contributed to Hallmark's line over the years were painters Georgia O'Keeffe, Maurice Utrillo and Max Weber; comedian Groucho Marx; actors Fred MacMurray, Jane Wyman and Lionel Barrymore; and statesman Winston Churchill.
Entering the city, they gazed up at Sacre Coeur, which Miller knew well from books on Utrillo and George Moore.
De este corto y turbulento periodo cabe destacar la aceptacion por parte del gobierno en 1932 del ambicioso proyecto, insistentemente expuesto por Utrillo (43) y Stuyck, de hacer la replica de la serie de la Colegiata de Pastrana, formada por cuatro panos del siglo XV de valor historico y artistico incalculable que conmemoraban las batallas del rey Alfonso V de Portugal en el norte de Africa en 1471.
Hopper or Utrillo, sun shadow or pencil-marking rain.
Indudablemente, como lo he manifestado a alumnos y colegas desde hace tiempo, Amedeo Modigliani ha sido uno de mis grandes maestros del arte,--aun catalogado como "pintor maldito", formando terna con Utrillo y Van Gogh (Ver "Un genio universal llamado Vincent", Acta Academica numero 33.
O'Brien can pick from Air Chief Marshal, Jan Vermeer, Joshua Tree, Midas Touch or Utrillo, too, while Chapple-Hyam has another strong to his bow throughMorana.
O'Brien can pick from Air Chief Marshal, Jan Vermeer, Joshua Tree, Midas Touch or Utrillo too, while Chapple-Hyam has another string to his bow through Morana.
The well-bred youngster was backed down to odds-on when making his debut at Tipperary a fortnight ago but was caught close home and beaten one-and-a-half lengths by the more experienced Utrillo.
Canaletto, Utrillo, Lowry, Byrd, all names that belong together.
In die gedig "'n bottel woorde omtrent 'n prent" (Eklips, 25) kyk die digter na 'n afdrukskildery van Utrillo, wat hy dan beskryf.
The opening leg of the treble was supplied by Oh Goodness Me who outpointed the well supported newcomer Maurice Utrillo in the mile maiden.